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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I think she meant literal kids would sing 'I'm the only one of me...etc.' and that it would be good for kid's confidence, self-worth etc. I think she meant well with Me! and actually liked the song herself, and was probably really disappointed at some of the reactions, especially from her own fans.
  2. ME! would only work as a soundtrack or a Disney popstar debut song.

    But for a global superstar with 5 albums under her belt by then, just no.
  3. I feel like you can do self-empowerment without resorting to the alphabet song for melodic inspiration.
  4. Make good music, get good reactions.
  5. Why does this say last edited by a moderator?
  6. No idea. I don't see any changes.

    Oh because I abbreviated Look What You Made Me Do....
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  7. I wasn’t sold on this at first but I keep coming back to it. I love it.
  8. Red/1989 was the start of Taylor getting real traction with her singles in the UK but she was touring arenas from the get go and selling albums solidly here too. Her move to pop allowed her to galvanise that name recognition and status into something radio friendly for here and also her overtly turning up here for promo more often.

    Her fanbase grew with her but ME! is just too kiddy to work both ways whereas the likes of Black Magic managed to broad appeal.
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  9. Lover was doing only like ~4M streams a day before the documentary dropped, the boost to her entire catalogue has been crazy. Only Billie is pulling in more streams per day now along female artists.
  10. The devil works hard but Zeena Lavey works harder, damn.
  11. no its becky
  12. The great thing about pop music (and music in general) is that I means something different to everyone. For some it’s all about fantasy and escape and for others it’s a coping tool and a way to deal with whatever may be going on in their lives. Just because you can’t personally relate to something doesn’t mean it’s devoid of emotion or meaning. I’m a woman in my 20’s and I still deeply relate to a lot of Taylor’s music, as do many other women my age and even older. And as I’ve said before, things aren’t less important or less intellectually stimulating just because teenage girls like it. Those teenage girls grow up to become women. When I was growing up, I was always thankful to have an artist like Taylor being open about her feelings and providing a different perspective to the same love songs that I’d heard a million times (even if she did get stuck in a rut with her own love songs). It’s important for young women to know that their feelings and their emotions are valid, and that coming from a powerful and successful woman like Taylor is even more important.

    Apologies for the rant, it just bothers me when people dismiss Taylor’s songwriting and her previous work as being juvenile or only fit for teenagers. There are plenty of things to drag her for and I just don’t think this is one of them.
  13. Sam


    It has taken me 2 joints, 5 years and almost 4 months to realise that “remember when you hit the brakes too soon” was referring to putting the brakes on a relationship and not just some wistful romanticising rubbish about an imaginary car crash. He ... lost ... brain cells. But he found worms. And somehow that was everything.

    Anyway, banger

    Shame about the video though
  14. ...20 stitches in the hospital room? She is romanticising a car crash/using that metaphor, no? Try another joint babe x
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  15. It is about an actual snowmobile accident.
  16. Sam


    Upon reexamination it appears she’s comparing the relationship to a car crash, and the two are more intrinsically linked than I’d imagined. Mess, regardless.

    Oh, well then. Maybe I’m just a genius who knew
  17. Ding dong
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  18. Metaphors are harrrrrrrd
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  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I... sort of think the video is one of her best? I mean, her’s isn’t a videography littered with excellence, but something about this one has grown on me over the years.
  20. I actually really like the Out Of The Woods video. I remember that upon premiere I watched it several times and I found it very pretty. The CGI's are quite nicely done and it's lovely video overall.
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