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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. BTG


    Well, Spotify informed me I’m in the Top 6% of Taylor fans, so I guess the Little Bumpkin jumped out.
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  2. This was my first thought too, and I can already easily see her doing the Alec Baldwin Trump stinkface. I hate it here.
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  3. Oh dear. Why must she always be this way? Couldn't she pander correctly and release a video of her pegging Joe Alwyn or something
  4. All the conclusions made out of a 2 seconds long teaser...
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  5. The scene in The Favourite where Emma Stone gives Joe an incredibly rough handjob, plotting the downfall of one of her enemies in her head the entire time is probably an accurate enough glimpse into their sex life.
  6. Toddick does
  7. aux


  8. 1 hour and ten minutes to go. I'mma wait it out while on the clock. Like The Man would do.
  9. Cant wait for this sure to be fun video and spending the day eye rolling at all you depressed gays saying its shit <3
  10. Why does Taylor look so much like Adam Scott as a man, I'm so scared.
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  11. Meh. Its not bad but its so painfully obvious that I sort of felt like I'd seen it before I saw it.
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  12. That was dull and I was sort of waiting for some sort of zinger of “gotcha” moment that never came along.
  13. aux


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  14. Well I'm never getting that time back.
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  15. Expected.
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  16. I'm one of the "The Man is a bop" defenders here but that video made the song feel completely limp and lifeless.

    The "no scooters" sign was a nice touch.
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  17. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    So expensively boring.
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  18. It's okay. The manspreading bit made me laugh but the rest was as expected. Still a bop though.
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  19. That male Taylor kind of looks like Luke Hudson.
  20. Well a sign of "Missing: if found return to Taylor swift" with all her albums (except lover) graffitied on the wall next to a No Scooter sign is just the amount of Taylor I expect.

    More importantly the reactions in the comments where Swifties are actually shocked that she's the guy in prosthetics is just too much.
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