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Taylor Swift - Lover (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Genuinely amazed by the transformation, everything else....
  2. RMK


    Haven't even watched and I can already tell the idea was to get people talking about the transformation: "I can't believe she did that" etc. It's very predictable.
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  3. This might have worked better 5 years ago.
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  4. formerly nomoresadsongs

  5. goodbye Ellas!
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  6. The casual transphobia of the manspreading scene. Yeesh.
  7. Taylor dressing up as a man and doing man things for a video called “The Man”

  8. LOL this is the whitest humor/music video I've seen since... The Lonely Island.
  9. This needed a more creative concept not one that's been done to death.
  10. I imagine Taylor thinks she's making a statement by directing this herself, but for someone who has a particularly poor record of giving female directors opportunities to helm her big budget music videos, this would have been a great time to team up with a woman who could have given it a more nuanced treatment.
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  11. *giggles*
  12. Swish Swish was 2017 though.
  13. Tayla Parx and Halsey have been announced as the performers before her headline spot at the Final Four concert series (aka only Lover Fest date in the south) in Atlanta in April
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  14. Sam


    Tyler Swift would get it.
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  15. Well...I don't hate it. I was genuinely going back and forth for most of the video on if "the man" was her. There were a few mannerisms here and there that kind of gave it away, but I will say that I think she did sell it pretty well. Like a lot of people here, I just think she could've pushed the whole thing a little further. It could've been much more of a moment but instead all I'm seeing is people talking about the transformation (which I am actually pretty impressed with, honestly).

    I will say that it's her best video this era, but that's not not a high bar to clear, so. I do feel like this whole single campaign is arriving a bit too late, though. This would've worked much better as the lead in into the album campaign, rather than being thrown out almost 7 months after the album came out. I do think the song slaps though, so I'm at the very least happy it's finally getting some recognition beyond being an album standout.

    Also man Taylor is kind of hot.
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  16. Speaking of terrible Katy videos this one feels very 'Birthday'
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  17. It’s boring.
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  18. The fact that there was a joke about public urination and she ended up peeing the song's name onto the wall.

    If this was a Katy Perry video, it'd be torn to shreds.
    At least Katy had the self-awareness to know she was the clown.
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  19. Wait

    “Tyler Swift”’s voice

    is The mcfucking ROCK

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  20. I hate it. Just because she's friends with Katy now doesn't mean she should be consulting her for video concepts.

    The fact that the Lover video is the only good visual from this era... I hate her.
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