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Taylor Swift - Lover Fest

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. I was legitimately shocked when I read she was coming to Portugal. Never would have guessed that, especially as she's never been here.

    Couldn't be more ready for it.
  2. Those date, and no UK ones...
    She’s gonna do Glasto isn’t she!
  3. Glastonbury is 24th-28th June next year so unlikely looking at those dates already confirmed in other countries.
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  4. I thought she said because of what this album was about and all that crap, the live shows were going to be more intimate?

    Stadiums aren't intimate.
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  5. I won't be shocked if she ends up headlining Lolla next year, it would be right after the second East date and she'll already be stateside. Add Bonnaroo to that too since it would be a Tennessee homecoming of sorts
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  6. If she's going all the way down to Brazil, then she must be doing some extra Latin American dates too.*prays*
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  7. I’m guessing a British Summertime date and Lolla
  8. Doing festivals is a smart sidestep but there's a disconnect between the type of crowd that'd buy tickets for, say, Roskilde or Open'er – and the Swifties that are probably going to sell it out, considering she's bigger than their usual headliners. I'm interested to see how that plays out, particularly with younger fans.
  9. She has the Saturday and Sunday night free... I’d be mighty surprised if she wasn’t.
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  10. Why am I getting a feeling that she’s gonna do Primavera as well since she’s gonna be in Europe during that month and there’s no date for Spain.

    Wow imagine a whole festival filled with bumpkins...
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  11. Loving the concept BUT I hate it when they don't announce it all at the same time. Do I buy for Oslo next week, or do I wait and see if Sweden is among the dates to be announced?
  12. aux


    From what I’ve heard, the reason she’s gone with a smaller touring schedule, is because her mum’s condition is worsening, and Taylor wants to spend more time with her. I really hope she recovers if it’s true.
  13. I really hope her mum pulls through. She’s a lovely woman, I met her at the Fearless tour back in the day.
  14. I signed up for tickets. I've never seen her.

    A festival sounds miserable but *shrug* maybe it'll be fun.
  15. NOT me already experiencing this summer festival moment when she performed in Swansea during the 2018 heat wave. Spillet found moving back to England
  16. I registered for preferred presale in LA but I’m crossing my fingers for a Vancouver date/festival if she does Canada.
  17. I recommend the Waldbühne in Berlin. It is a nice venue. Quite big but it offers a great view from everywhere thanks to it's bowl design. It's also surrounded by trees and quite matching. Even though it holds 22.000 people I just read. Well again: At least you'll have good view.

    I'll warn my AirBnBing friends about the date though. Imagine having proper Swifties in your house. They would have to confirm the don't like ME! to book.

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  18. Doubt this.
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  19. I hope she adds more dates in Latin America!
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