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Taylor Swift - Lover Fest

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. I think it’s because US ticket prices and rise or fall depending on demand, whereas tickets over our side remain relatively fixed.
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  2. I've been told that she might show her face in Mad Cool, which would be right after the Portugal date.

    Would be nice to finally see her, even if it's promoting this.
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  3. I love her but jesus, those ticket prices are just insane. Just can't justify paying for those.
  4. They raised prices after the tickets sold well for the general sale, and listed the very few remaining seats as “platinum.” I got pretty good seats for under $200, which is pretty standard for any show.

    I think pit tickets for $400 is pretty good considering how limited they appear to be and on her last tour they went for $800+

    Maybe concert tickets are becoming unreasonably high in price, but let’s not single out Taylor when everyone is doing this.

    Remember she’s only doing 4 shows in her biggest market. It’s reasonable she would rather charge high prices and make the money herself (or bigger budget for the show- including paying crew and talent) than charge lower prices and have her fans shell out to scalpers
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  5. Where are the additional international dates???
    As of now I'm not going to this "tour", first time not seeing Taylor live since the Red Tour.
    I'll keep checking either way cause they always release more seats later on.
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  6. I think this is the problem. Ticketmaster have a literal monopoly and it's insane. When I buy tickets to anything in Ireland they charge an extra admin fee of €7 for every ticket. Now imagine that times every country they operate in. Fucking madness.
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  7. Oh, I definitely don't single out Taylor. Every artist is doing this. It's definitely an industry thing. For instance, I recently checked Celine Dion's tickets and the lowest ticket price for her concert was 285!!
  8. And I will watch it.
  9. where for? There’s tickets for like $90 for her show here!
  10. Here in Vancouver. She has 2 shows here and when I checked last week that was the cheapest price I could find.
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  11. A second show has been announced for Brazil

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  12. The little come to brazilsters snapped.
  13. Not me thinking it'd be easy to get tickets. I had no idea her fanbase was so big here. I guess only doing 1 city helped. I really want to go but will only try for resale tickets closer to the date to make sure I'll be able to go to Sao Paulo.
  14. Wish I could go to that one too but I'm happy #ComeToBrazil has been fruitful at long last.
  15. ñññññññññ I'm probably going to Madrid then
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  16. When do we think we'll get confirmation of shows in the UK?
  17. Ok but Taylor AND Tove fucking Lo? Seriously considering that.
  18. When Glasto/British Summertime performers are announced
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  19. I would be very surprised if Taylor isn’t headlining this.
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