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Taylor Swift - Lover Fest

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chromatica, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. Are there opening acts on this tour?
  2. There will be opening acts for her non-festival dates (aka the US and Brazil) but they haven’t been announced yet.
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  3. aux


    Tickets should range from £70 (standard standing ticket) to £220 (diamond standing area)
  4. Okay how how is it going to work? Will Taylor get her own day and Little Mix etal will do the other day or??? I’ve never been to BST before so I’m not familiar with the set up.
  5. Judging by the website, there are 6 days and presumably 6 headliners. Pearl Jam is also announced as one.
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  6. Yeah, it runs throughout various days.

    So, Little Mix are the headliner for July 4th and Taylor will headline a different date with a different lineup of support acts.
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  7. Thank you both!! This puts my mind at ease a bit. I was thinking it was like one weekend with it all going on. I was concerned how my knees would cope with all that standing!
  8. Ok, Little Mix, Kesha and Taylor on the same festival? I'M IN!!!!!!!
  9. I’m guessing looking at her schedule and what’s already been announced that it’ll be July 11 when she makes an appearance.
  10. Most likely.

    I’m intrigued to see who’ll be opening up for her. It’s usually always decent artists.
  11. Sis.
  12. RJF


    (I'm really hoping that doing BST confirms that she isn't headlining Glastonbury.)
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  13. I think BST asks for exclusivity but you never know with Jail Shirt Wearer Taylor.
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  14. aux


    Last time she did BST, it wasn’t a UK exclusive and she played arena dates in Glasgow, Manchester and Dublin. I’m not sure I see her doing the same this time around.
  15. She's been confirmed for July 11th

  16. aux


    Really intrigued about the setlist. I'm sure it'll be mostly Lover, since Taylor normally tours the album, but I do wonder what curveball she'll throw around this time around. Last time she pulled out Should've Said No and Long Live, which I thought were perfect choices.
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  17. Red + Daylight for sure!
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  18. I doubt it will be all Lover, in the Festivals there will be a lot of casual attendants who are not fans and only know her most well-known songs...so it will be a set-list to satisfy everyone...
  19. When she played BST last time (after 1989) her set was all of 1989 + hits.
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