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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. While normally it would be too early to open this, with all the talk in the reputation thread I thought it may be time. We know that the album is definitely going to be released this year, there is apparently an Elle cover coming in April that will kickstart the era, and she might have a slot on a soon to be coming Carpool Karaoke. If it really is coming sooner than we'd expect, how do you think it will sound?

    (My first thread, yay!)
  2. Buckle up, kids.

  3. Let the games begin.
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  4. 1989 2.0 please! Ditch the faux skrillex dubstep sound.
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  5. I would honestly love if she expanded on the sounds from 1989 and went even more 80s ala EMOTION, especially since there isn't really any area of pop left for her to explore.
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  6. This... isn't really true.
  7. Now this is actually what I really don't want. As much as I love gay 80s synths, I feel okay with leaving that sound in 2015. I'd much rather have her try to incorporate the more intimate storytelling songwriting of Red with the electronic soundscape of Reputation (basically give us more Delicates Tay).
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  8. I meant areas I can see her exporing, sorry my mind spaced. But to be fair, if you told me Taylor would explore 80s pop on 1989 I wouldn't believe it, and when the reports came out that for TS6 that she'd explore a more hip-hop sound I didn't believe it, so she is obviously the type to try something new.
    I don't think I'll ever get enough of gay 80s synths, but electronic soundscape with intiate storytelling is fine by me. And I can see her going in that direction considering how well Delicate was recieved.
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  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I don’t think this is necessary either.
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  10. Well, i think it's time for this!

    So, in the last few days of December, infamous Twitter account @PopFactsNews said that Taylor would appear on Elle UK's April edition and it would be meant to promote her new music


    On top of that, Taylor released a calendar with random stamps on the 13th day of April, July, August and December


    But it wasnt until a few days ago that a more reliable account mentioned Gigi Hadid would be on the March issue of Elle US and Taylor would be on both the UK and US editions for April

    And well, the Gigi news turned out to be true:

    Needless to say that Perez Hilton said she told him she would release her next album before her 30s, or that she said herself at the BBMAs that she was ready for "the next chapter", or her insta post where she said she cant wait to let us know what she's working on

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  11. I hope that she’s finally exorcised Bad Gal TayTay for the sake of us all
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  12. Does this mean I'm finally free?
  13. I think she did. At least based on this:

    'A few minutes before English singer-songwriter Charli XCX started the evening, which also featured a vibrant set from Miami-based pop star Camila Cabello, Swift told The Times backstage: “This has definitely been my most cathartic album. After I finished it, it was like” — she exhaled heavily — “now I can write regular songs again.”'

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  14. I think I posted this in Random Thoughts a few months ago but this opening post reminded me of when I used this random bit of what looked like fake tea to kick off the Reputation thread but it actually turned out to be real:
    I guess the answer to "Would Twitter user @POPULOVE lie?" was no.
  15. RJF


    Has the white devil been exorcised
  16. It now resides in Ariana
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Well you're still here so
  18. RJF


    And you love it
  19. I’m just gonna go ahead and sprinkle some holy water on this thread. Godspeed with you all.
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