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Not bad. She's done better lead singles though. It's just a little repetitive..reminds me too much of her previous songs without being overly interesting..I am glad it's not launching the album though, this is more Hi I am back etc. I remember the reactions now to 'Shake It Off', 'Love What You Made me Do' and this can't compete. The song may grown on me, it's alright. Video's obviously out of this world good...the budget! WOW (which is basically all it's got going for it right now).
Now that my anger has mostly passed, I'm wondering if this is a marketing move to attract a much younger public. I mean no shade, this is visibly something made for 12 year old children. Is this where the money is now? Should we expect a lighter mood in the era, so parents can take their kids to her concert?
I'm not sure I understand posts stating that this will be some effortless mega smash. I think it will perform similarly, if a little better to Look What You Made Me Do. She's overcorrected with it, and the result is that it's just as embarrassing to listen to. I don't seen many people over the age of 14 willingly streaming this. Unless maybe it's enough to have the kids and pre-teens on board?

It's far more juvenile and less earworm-y than something like Can't Stop The Feeling! or Happy to me.
I have literally 50-year-old men in work telling me how much they love this, and my friends who didn't really like LWYMMD are LOVING this.

It's very GP and radio friendly with a catchy chorus (like I completely understand the This Is Me/Can't Stop The Feeling comparisons)....it'll most likely smash.
Gave me Chained To The Rhythm vibes...which is interesting (that was better)..Did that inspire this?

Whoah she is a big deal right...22 million views already!?

The comparisons...up for debate.
If I ignore the lyrics and hum along to the melody, issa bop. A basic bop, but she's cute.

Hadn't even noticed the "spelling is fun" line on first listen. As if the rest of the lyrics weren't twee enough.
I don't hate it - I've listened to it quite a few times so I like it at the least but it definitely feels more like it's meant to be part of a soundtrack rather than the lead single for her new album...


As someone who has been a fan since Fearless, I’m disappointed. I generally go to Taylor’s music for the country lyricism blended with a pop sound. It’s the reason why Fearless remains one of her best albums, as it effortlessly blends the storytelling of country music, with pop melodies and structures. Her music has slowly drifted away from this, but there are still traces of the lyricism I adore in the later albums in her career. Songs like Getaway Car, for example, uses the country style of songwriting with full blown synth-pop production.

Taylor’s lead singles are not normally an expression of how the album will end up being, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together promised a very poppy album, and ultimately it was a singer/songwriter album. Shake It Off doesn’t reflect the 80s inspired sound of the album. Same goes for Look What You Made Me Do. But at least these songs had some soul. ME! just feels hollow. The songwriting is... well, shite. “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!”. This is coming from the same woman, who at 19 wrote “Your eyes whispered ‘have we met?’ Across the room your silhouette starts to make it's way to me; The playful conversation starts; Counter all your quick remarks, like passing notes in secrecy”.

I guess the song just isn’t for me. I really hope the lead single truly isn’t a taste of the album. Taylor can do so much better.
It’s very...Disney. Which means it’s fine for that demographic but it’s not something I’d ever choose to listen to. I have a feeling it’s being used as slight damage limitation from the reputation era alienating her younger fans.
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