Taylor Swift - Lover

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The song, its accompanying video and a clip of her collaborator throwing the N word around so casually makes me think that she's truly out-whited herself. Quite a feat for Miss Taylor.

Not to add insult to injury but is that also Kevin Hart he’s listening to?

Brendan is a fucking mess.
It's better if you separate it from the music video, but it's still not doing anything for me. It's just fluff and sounds like it'll be advertising the BBC's summer lineup.
You literally just described how the new P!nk album cover art looks like.

This is still such a hideous cover

I think the verses are good, I like the Delicatesque intro. The chorus is a little too cheesy, it kind of sounds like a mix of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Shake It Off, sung by Jojo Siwa after taking adderall. I don't think the feature is necessary, and the spelling part is cringe.

I was hoping for something more in lieu of Gorgeous or New Romantics, a little more moody and seductive. I'm sure the album will still have great cuts, and the video was pretty well done. Goodbye Joseph Khan!


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Just some of the lyrics make me think of it, like being a “handful” and going “psycho on the phone”. I’m not saying the subject matter is completely same, but I definitely found some similarities.

I thought it was pretty obvious the phone line was a callback to Taylor declaring her death in Look.
I still find the song her worst lead single ever, tied with Shake It Off (although the stupid bridge may make this one of her worst songs, period); but I love the video, everything about it. Every time I reach the bridge, besides taking off my headphones, I can't help but want to see Charlie and the chocolate factory
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