Taylor Swift - Lover

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I'm just gonna go back and rewatch the 1989 tour concert instead of indulging this new era because everything about her current situation is rotted and I'd prefer to at least semi preserve my stan card
Billboards review is actually pretty positive.

Also, I know most people here think I’m forcing myself to like the song...I’m not. Anyone looking at my posts in the Taylor rate knows I’ve been critical of some of her stuff (I think Stay Stay Stay is awful, and I dislike I Did Something Bad the more I hear it). I understand the criticisms here, I just actually enjoy listening to this basic bop. It’s harmless and catchy. Obviously she’s capable of better, but that was the same reaction when she released Shake It Off.

I also adore musicals like The Greatest Showman, and am going to see Hugh Jackman in concert next month so liking this song is not that surprising ddd.

I can't deal with the bridge, and I blame @Babyface for it dd
When I first listened to the song, I found it catchy, if a bit simplistic and too similar to Shake It Off, song I still dislike quite a lot. The spoken part made me roll my eyes (I was hoping that she would break this tradition by now), but I had not really paid attention to what she was saying (English is not my mother tongue, as I am sure it is probably obvious in my posts). So once @Babyface started posting and posting about the "Spelling is fun!" part, that was all I could hear, and the line is so stupid, childish, absurde and ridiculous that I can't stand it.

So yeah, in short, I may actually enjoy the song if the bridge was not there. As it is, I quite like it up until that part
I'm living for this era
The world has been too dark and depresive. We needed something bright, positive and fun
also the Photoshoot of this era is definitely my fave by far!






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