Taylor Swift - Lover

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Miss Katheryn have better demanded that Taylor scratch her back promotionally too. An eye for an eye!!!!!

I think culturally we're a good half a decade removed from a time when this video would have felt like a "moment" in any sense (the aesthetic, the sledgehammer messaging, the celebrity cameos, all of it). Look at this next to the stuff acts people are actually organically responding to in 2019 are putting out and... honestly she's never felt less relevant.
Even her use of that (amazing) Cher quote seems misguided. It was uttered by a woman of color who came up in the 60's and 70's against the odds and has continuously worked hard to be where she is, and the quote coming from her had weight.

Taylor using it to describe herself is almost offensive. You grew up rich and white - it doesn't hold the same impact for you.
I’m tired of straight female artists attempting to profit off of the queer community and masking it with ~Allyship.

She can be as much of an ally as she’s pretending to be but this stinks twice as hard considering it’s pride month and she’s trying to make it about her.

That is the issue. She's using LGBT people as a prop in 1 video.
Instead, why not be an ally by supporting those LGBT people in what they're doing?
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