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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. Yeah me too and dont think I'm judging you for it because I agree with you on their malicious ways in treating their employees at the warehouses. I do buy from Amazon from time to time but it is difficult to single them out when thousands of other cooperations are just as vile and threatening to basic human rights. I hope things can get taken seriously and conferences can start being planned and announced. Nearly everything we buy comes from a dark place. Not even gonna mention Apple.
  2. Taylor Swift should own her masters and Amazon workers must shit themselves on the job!!!
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    We can do both.

    Unfortunately I can’t find the John Oliver investigation online yet, but Amazon’s relentless push to deliver more and more items same day leads to other companies adopting the same policies and worker abuses. So yeah, I feel pretty comfortable singling them out.
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  4. Ed Sheeran is fucking toxic and I find it...interesting that he’s been the one consistent friendship (besides Selena) for her since Red.
  5. We can and to be honest I just dont trust her motives in anything she does. I'm not gonna drag her for performing at Amazon when many of our faves have invested in stocks in Amazon and labels have confirmed that artists deliberately choose which companies distribute their music. It's not always the label. I try to avoid this thread as much as possible because I'm not some Taylor hater I like a couple of her songs. She makes fun carefree pop music but in my opinion shes not that different from Kim Kardashian. They love to play the "White Savior" role. Kim bails out less than a handful of black women out prison and expects a medal and an invitation to the cookout. Hundreds of black attorneys and black female activists (including black trans women) have been fighting for black women (and men) in prison and dont get the amount of coverage that Kim does but I'm going a little off topic here.
  6. That’s the thing about monopolies though, isn’t it? They’re difficult to escape entirely. I have celiac disease, and so I require specialty ingredients and medicines just to sustain my physical and mental well-being. Because they’re considered “niche” products, they aren’t regularly available at my grocery stores, and local health food markets that would more readily carry those things regularly go out of business, joining the cry of most local retailers that Amazon hurts their business. I try to buy them from other independent online retailers, but once again, they don’t have the means to compete against Amazon. So yeah, I have to buy the shit I literally need to stay alive from Amazon. That doesn’t mean I can’t also find their ethics to be lacking in every sense. I’m a public school teacher, and the American public school system is fucked up. One could easily imply that I’m contributing to upholding that system because I literally do daily. (Except for these next two months where I get to stay home and day drink while making fun of dumdums on the internet.) That doesn’t mean I can’t also acknowledge and find fault with its fundamental flaws. And why do I teach? Because the alternative is to go work for even more fucked up corporations and institutions, and for me, teaching takes the least moral compromise. We don’t live in a world where we get to fully throw ourselves behind our morals, because if we did, we’d all end up in some basement in Vermont counting peanuts. That doesn’t mean we can’t stand up for and defend those morals while still sustaining ourselves with the means that people in positions of much greater power than ours have determined. And regardless of all that still, yes, we can critique and point out that it’s screwed up or “on-brand” for Taylor Swift to perform at a “YAS AMAZON” propaganda event because of all the reasons that have already been mentioned just as we can critique her appropriation of the queer identity and struggle. But perhaps maybe you should stick to only the things you can criticize easily.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Everything Taylor does there's always about 13 ulterior motives it makes me so nervous.
  8. Abigail didn’t give everything she had to a boy who changed his mind for you to erase her like this.
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    She should’ve named an album 13 Reasons Why.
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  10. I was talking famous friends specifically.
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  11. Ddd I kind of figured that but saw an opportunity for some cheap likes and ran with it.
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  12. Me after skipping a whole days worth of productivity at work to catch-up on all this past weeks hilarious tea....
    ....just to realize that nothing has really changed. Rich white dudes are still the worst. Taylor is still insufferable. Farts are still funny and so are gifs. What a ride though. Thank you PJers. Y'all kept me in stitches and now I'm exhausted. "I need to lay down"*

    *In Die Another Day Madonna Voice
  13. When he stops selling.
  14. WOW


    I don’t know if this has already been discussed but it looks like they’re “upgrading” the orders for anyone who ordered that autopenned copy of ME! They’re now shipping out autopenned Lover booklets instead. That’s an improvement, I think?

  15. Kind of them to refund customers their own money free of charge.
  16. Remember, these are the stans who lauded her with praise for paying her employees.
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  17. Interns hand found relieved and alive.
  18. This era feels like a real step back. In that, I'm starting to not like her again.
  19. Turns out unlikable people stay unlikable.
  20. Starting?
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