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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. WOW


    It would be a nice bookend for her to move past her chart/sales/record obsessed attitude and make the 2020s her artistic & creatively fulfilling phase with some all-time classic self-penned, deep albums which explore entirely new territory... I wish.
  2. Taylor found using the @flyingwthronan pseudonym to persuade the Swifties to get her that 1 million debut

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  3. I know we're months away from this conversation, but did we ever talk about the implications of a heterosexual woman using the phrase "less gay"?
  4. Well, it clearly plays into the context that gay men are a form of entertainment for straight women. It converts the view of a person into a fashion accessory and reinforces that being gay means you must be a number of things. It's the sort of view a teenager would have from watching bad sit coms.

    She should know better.
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  5. ‘You Need to Calm Down’ honestly angers me more than it really should. Truly vile lyricism.
  6. Absolutely, but it also brings to mind the manner in which sexual minorities are bullied and verbally abused, in which it is implied that there are "amounts" of gayness: "Could you act less gay please?" "Could you be any more gay?" "You are so gay." Etc. Her use of the phrase "less gay" just perpetuates this mindset and ridiculous idea that there are amounts of gay.
  7. Christ I feel like we have this conversation all the time.
    • In 2019, getting a million opening week is unlikely. I don't think any of us are really anticipating that.
    • However, if anyone can do it, with her ridiculous bundling/special editions/fanbase/etc., it's Taylor Swift. So it's possible.
    • She'll still be the best selling album of 2019 by far, even if the numbers are 800-900k. Unless Adele decides to release.
  8. So what are the chances she'll withhold this album from streaming for the first week or two?
  9. As far as I'm aware she's not doing that this time around. Someone can correct me on this but I believe they'll be on streaming from the get go, and you can currently pre-save the album etc.

    She also spoke about embracing streaming in her statement when she joined Republic last year.
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  10. It'd be a kii if she does 600,000
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  11. 500k would be a great result. I hope we don't have to sit through a Greek chorus of bitches on the internet screaming flop if it only gets halfway to a million. No other pop girl is close to that in 2019.
  12. Wow Taylor’s lyrics are getting aggressive
  13. Glass found cut
  14. Leave Marina alone
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  15. I'd take part in the chorus tho. 500k is a huge number, but compared to her planning and promotion... well.

    She doesn't deserve to sell a single copy after those two lead singles.
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  16. More like compared to the singles sucess & quality...
  17. Tea swirling around the internet is that the only producers credited on the album are Jack, Joel, Taylor... and Frank Dukes / Louis Bell. Will be very interesting if that's the case!
  18. According to some secret sessioners, Cruel Summer was produced by Max/Shellback.
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  19. At what moment did you admit to yourself that Taylor fell off musically?
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  20. Max Martin is the album's only hope of being decent.
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