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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. WOW


    I always found calling Call It What You Want’s lyrics cringey and immature to be hilarious when it’s featured alongside such lyrical dumpster fires as This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Gorgeous and Look What You Made Me Do. It’s angelic in comparison in my opinion.
  2. It's still trash.
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  3. Taylor ending her album with a song calling everyone liars as she sails off and says she doesn’t care because she’s in love is the most emotionally immature moment on an album that’s already filled with them.
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  4. I won’t stand for this New Year’s Day erasure.
  5. Oops, my stan card found dusty and unusable.
  6. Lyrically, Call It What You Want might genuinely be the worst song on the album for me. The other songs mentioned are also bad, but at least they aren't masquerading behind faux vulnerability, wispy Antonoff production and skin deep self reflection to try to hide the victim complex and utter petulance. It's rotten.
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  7. WOW


    You see, that wispy Antonoff production gets me every time. I think she could throw in the “spelling is fun!” line into that production and I’d still bop.
  8. Now this is accurate
  9. The same bar that I heard Tears by Godli XCX is playing The Archer and I'm feeling lots of emotions about this decision right now.
  10. Mr S:
    “It's a ballad, airy, light and angelic.
    A sweet mixture of country, a bit of Lana Del Rey, a touch of retro.”

    I’m so hyped. I absolutely love all of her Track 3s. They never disappointed me.
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  11. Wildest Dreams found dissipated
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  12. Wildest Dreams: Hello, hello? C-can you hear me?
  13. Every gay on this forum after discovering Golden Hour on the eve of the Grammys:

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  14. That album was heavily praised the moment it came out on this exact forum!
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  15. If you pre-order the album on taylorswift.com you get automatically entered into a competition to win tickets to see her perform in Paris in September, accommodation etc. included.

    I just purchased one, randomly picked version 3 and hoping it's the one with the original All Too Well lyrics in it.
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  16. Think she might’ve played you sis
  17. By all
    By all six people who knew about it.

  18. I mean, I was going to order it anyway. I wanted one of the special editions.
  19. The weird revisionism on Kacey and Golden Hour’s forum acclaim feels random. The bumpkins have been repping her for years and most others got on board when High Horse was released ahead of the album. The grammy was just the final victory lap for us here.
  20. Hard to notice when some have been in permanent residence in this thread I guess
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