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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Feb 3, 2019.

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  2. Lover (Piano) was amazing too.
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  3. Walking away from Scott Borchetta’s offer to re-sign with Big Machine and earn back her old masters 1 album at a time for each new album she turned in, signing an alleged $200M deal with Republic that also gives her ownership of all her new music, and still being completely worth every penny? A business woman.
  4. She's a lot of fun to watch. I'd recommend going to a show of hers. Her catalogue is so full of hits and amazing, memorable album tracks you won't ever be unsatisfied.

    I saw the 1989 tour when she was in Vancouver. I had a good view and seeing Shake It Off live was easily worth the ticket price (left me so pumped at the end), but honestly, I'm just not a fan of stadium shows. Also while I love me some Taylor I hope she's toned down the constant Oprah-like monologues cause she was doing it so much in between songs that it was a bit of a turn off for me personally. I just don't like the whole "peace and love" speeches during concerts. A quick talk and acknowledgement is fine but I'm here to escape from everyday life, dance, sing, and have fun.
  5. Going to the We Can Survive concert tonight!
    She goes last so I hope she gets a bit of a longer set (most acts have around 30 minutes).

    Hoping to get at least Death by a Thousand Cuts and Cornelia Street.
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  6. Her set was cut short because of curfew. She sang only 5 songs while all the other artist sang at least 7 I think.

    She did:
    Blank Space
    You need to calm down
    Shake it off

    Thank god I got a cheap resale ticket. I'm still very upset.
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  7. Why is she still performing Me! at things like this? I get that on her tour she'll have to do it, but she's self aware enough to know what the reaction to that song was, so much so that she edited out the bit people hated the most. Why keep performing it on these limited sets? Perform Style or Out of the Woods or Love Story or I Knew You Were Trouble or literally any other song on your new album.
  8. I was at a wedding tonight and the couple had their first dance to Lover. The stares I got from the elderly straight whites when I screamed at the song selection...dd.
  9. I’d have left after ‘Blank Space’.
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  10. I’d have left before Blank Space.
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  11. This was a ride.
  12. 34p8yv.jpg
  13. The more its aged the more it's become clear Blank Space was the apex of her career, the lightening in a bottle moment.

    Her white album if you will.
  14. To be honest I think it’s one of if not the last time she’s shown even a modicum of genuine self awareness.
  15. It was so sharp and timely, really gave me sky high expectations for what turned out to be Reputation. Her actual white album.
  16. I’m so over Blank Space.
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  17. Blank Space being self-aware but with a nudge and a wink makes Reputation's overall "uWu you're all mean and I've been hard done by!" themes all the more baffling.
  18. I initially reacted very negatively to this album because I do think it is easily her most forgettable.


    It must be said that even forgettable and occasionally downright awful is still better than the extreme cynicism and sloppy posturing of Reputation.

    That being said I’ve been sold on a handful of tracks from this now.
  19. And even then I feel like it was almost by accident. Going by the rough original lyrics in the Blank Space voice memo, it originally had some defensive lines like "Just forget what you've heard about me. Don't believe what you hear about me, hear about me" which are in direct opposition of the satirical "you say I'm crazy? I GOT you crazy" spirit of the finished product.
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  20. There was...an attempt at revisiting it with Goal Juice but we all know how that went nn
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