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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. "SCOOTER [​IMG]" is fucking killing me
  2. This is Amy Adams.
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  3. No it's Isla Fisher.
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  4. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain has been retweeting support for Taylor this week. The battle to play Tree in Taylor’s inevitable biopic is gonna be wild.
  5. I'm sure this is just damage control on his part but, E! is reporting that all of this drama has been because of Borchetta's axe to grind against Taylor for daring to leave Big Machine after he "made her who she is".

    Braun says he has no day to day interest in Big Machine, that he bought it out with the group of investors and that a financial advisor oversees his interests in the label. Braun is getting sick of having his name drug through the mud because of Borchetta's vendetta and that he wants to make peace with Swift.
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  6. Yas, make the men turn on eachother queen.
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  7. Guess he shouldn't have bought the rights to her (up until that point) her entire music catalogue knowing she hated him, huh?

  8. Lover (album) has already spent the same number of weeks in the top 10 as reputation, and with the vinyl having come out on Friday should rise even higher next week. Lover (song) should also rise further next week since this only included 2 days of sales/streams of the remix.
  9. It seems her AMAs performance will happen in the end

  10. Can’t wait

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  11. Taylor Swift Will Recieve First-Ever Woman of the Decade Honor at Billboard Women In Music Event

  12. So, this statement basically confirms that while Big MAGAchine couldn’t block the live broadcast (which they mentioned in their response to Taylor) that they were indeed blocking it from being rebroadcast/uploaded anywhere after the show (which they conveniently omitted in their response to Taylor).

    The AMAs likely wouldn’t have wanted a performance that couldn’t be uploaded anywhere afterwards for clicks or included in rebroadcasts, so Scott was still interfering with the performance even if it wasn’t ~technically~ interfering with the live broadcast. Either way, she won.
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  13. This reads like a threat
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  14. I thought you should be the first to know”

    Binch who is “I”? The ghost of Jellicles? God I hate Brand Twitter more and more with each passing day
  15. So it was actually about sync rights.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dddd it wouldn't surprise me if Taylor has control of the Cats Twitter account
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  17. Should have been the last Tangled Up single xx
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. BM lying again? What a surprise

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  20. Why is she getting all these decade honours? Sis had a great year, but decade seems monumental and old age status.
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