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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Has she ever explained the thinking around the way that she orders the track lists on her albums? Putting the lead single as the sixteenth track is such an unconventional choice that I wondered f there was a reason behind it?
  2. As soon as I wake up from the coma that it put me in.
  3. It was a flop.
  4. I know with 1989 and Reputation, she said the order of the songs tells a story, which I can kinda see when listening to the albums.

    Lover seems a bit more random. I do like Lover, but it’s the first album of Taylor’s that I feel like it’s more a collection of songs she’s worked on and put under one album, rather than a cohesive, connected body of work like her previous albums.
  5. Wasn’t there some sort of logical reason to do with streaming numbers that she put the 2 singles at the end of the album? I swear someone said that at the time.

    Because otherwise the track list doesn’t really make sense. But then again Reputation doesn’t really either, apart from a few of the songs.
  6. I'm just glad she addressed the "christmas light up 'til january" line in that video.
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  7. The Man is being pushed to Apple Music playlists. It’s already sold more than 500K units in the US and is close to 100M on Spotify so it would be a pretty logical choice for the 4th single, if they decide to give it a full push.
  8. It's my favorite song on the album so iwouldliketoseeit.gif.
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  9. I really like The Man but I don’t see it working as a single. It was barely outdoing Cruel Summer and it had much more playlists exposure.

    I wish they would push Miss Americana around the release of the Netflix documentary and after she’s done with the SOTY campaign for Lover. I would kill for a visual for that song.
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  10. I'm thrilled with the placement of 'ME!', especially on the vinyl. It means I can hit stop and flip to side D and skip it's sorry ass.
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  11. Putting ME! so late on in the album means that if I hit stop when it comes on, I'm not missing too much.
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  12. RMK


    I think considering how dire the singles choices have been, they really should just push the best songs (i.e The Man) and hope for the best. Lover already has three releases, all of which reached the top ten, and you aren't seeing many albums have more than one post-album single do well in streaming.
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  13. Except "It's Nice to Have a Friend" and "Daylight," two of the best tracks?
  14. 'ME!' is the last track on side C, so I flip it over and carry on listening as if that shite never existed.
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  15. I don't actually feel the love for "It's Nice to Have a Friend". While I do like "Daylight", I feel about it in a similar way to how I feel about "Favourite Colour" on Carly Rae's EMOTION - I like it, but if I skip it accidentally I don't feel it's a massive loss.
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  16. No one: ...
    Absolutely no one: ...
    No one still: ...
  17. No one: ...
    Absolutely no one: ...
    No one still: ...
    Me: Somewhere in another dimension there is a timeline where Cruel Summer was released as the lead single for Lover, became Taylor’s sixth #1 hit, and was nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammys. In this essay, I will-
  18. I listened to Soon You'll Get Better earlier for the first time in a while and:

    Holy orange bottles, each night, I pray to you
    Desperate people find faith, so now I pray to Jesus too


    One of her best lyrics don't @ me.
  19. The way she tears apart the word “summm...... mer” like a gooey chocolate chip cookie in the chorus of Cruel Summer is so satisfying.
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