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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. To be fair, I only came for "Cruel Summer." The rest came from Swifties.
  2. Y'all need to go to a neurologist because I'm seeing some worms flying about.
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  3. I don't see how you can rate a song with "I'm drunk in the back of the car and I cried like a baby coming home from the bar" anything lower than an 11/10.
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  4. I Think He Knows That I'm About To Win a Grammy is excellent.
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  5. Which of her 19 songs from the past 3 years that reference alcohol/drinking/bars is this from?
  6. Okay I love that song and line but I fucking screamed at this accurate read.
  7. False God. That’s it.
  8. People actually like I Think He Knows? Un-ironically? Gross. Thankfully I forgot that she existed.
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  9. lmao
  10. No lies detected!!!!!

  11. Thanks to Apple Music for finally revealing play counts, the following are my top 5 most played songs from this album in 2019;

    I Think He Knows
    False God
    Cruel Summer
    Cornelia Street

    You Need to Calm Down came in sixth but I'm deciding to own my basic tendencies.
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  12. 'I Think He Knows' is one of the only times Taylor sounds like she's having genuine fun on the album and not through gritted teeth, the gasp during the chorus alone is a career highlight!
  13. I'm gonna ride this wave of positive retconning by saying I actually really like I Forgot That You Existed and it's not as actively toxic as certain moments on Reputation.
  14. So it took me a while to properly get into this album but i must say it ended as one of my favourites from 2019 (right there with Billie). Yes the singles were not that great and she is a bit limited as a popstar and prefers to play it safe, but when you just accept all that, there is a beautiful album full of emotional tracks to enjoy. Just remember to skip ME.
  15. I don't think she's limited as a popstar at all. If anything the frustration around some of her choices is born out of the fact that she's vastly more talented than almost all of her contemporaries really.
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  16. I also do think she is more talented than most popstars out there.
    But I also think her topics are a bit limited and she is mostly passionate about her inner circle of family, friends, lovers and enemies.
    When it comes to other topics there is rarely a real display of emotion to it (like compassion), it's usually a rather distant/fabricated take on things. Which is fine if you're ready to accept that and I do think she will learn and expand her topics with time.
  17. The album requires some culling but it contains some of the most gorgeous songs of the year. Lover, The Archer, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince, Cornelia street, False God... all achingly beautiful.
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  18. These posts are sponsored by @BEST FICTION and Mariah's Australian Tour Date.
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  19. I actually think she’s more than capable of writing songs she doesn’t personally relate to (see Ronan, Beautiful Ghosts), I think she just chooses not to and mostly stays in her lane as a personal songwriter.
  20. ^ 'Afterglow' on this album is a good example.

    The three songs that she wrote (entirely on her own) for Lover are some of the strongest. 'Lover', 'Cornelia Street' and 'Daylight'.
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