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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Well the director of Miss Americana only had 2 credits to her name, so there's a start.
  2. To be fair, she hired an undiscovered 24 year old Colombian immigrant to photograph the Lover album shoot and that turned out....the way it did (although Taylor is probably equally to blame for that).
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  3. Video/Art direction has never been her strong suit so this latest video is on brand
  4. I can't see Melina working with Taylor.
  5. Okay but this was the best night of my life.
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  6. "It feels like I had already seen it" couldn't be more accurate, but otherwise the song is still a cute bop.
  7. What did you wear?
  8. Nothing too exciting. It did, however, strike me how many people did the glitter love heart around the eye thing. It’s something that I hadn’t considered people would do but when I saw everyone doing it all made sense. Clever move from Ms. Swift.
  9. Jojo Siwa, ha impact.
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  10. Skye Sweetnam, ha impact.
  11. Get tangled up in me.
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  12. What a throwback. That song perfectly sums up that era of overly autotuned “rock” pop.
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  13. Not sure if this breaks the rules but I’m selling 2 LoverFest West tickets if anyone is interested! Face value - DM me
  14. Had never heard The Man until yesterday when it was on the radio so I’m way behind, but I honestly think it’s her catchiest bop since the 1989 era.
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  15. For whatever reason I only just now saw The Man music video. I have no words... she actually did that!

    I had a feeling she was playing "the man" during the entire video. But the end credits shocked me.

    I also LOVED the scene where they yelled cut and Taylor and the man have a little exchange on how he should act.

    It was perfect. Also all of the Easter eggs she displayed. She really enjoys that.

    Well done, Taylor!! Bravo.
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  16. What I would really like to see more of from Taylor is working with female producers. She had great results with Imogen and I just feel like having a different perspective in the room could maybe push her artistically.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. I really wish we had gotten more than a single song out of her working with St. Vincent. The thought of Taylor on something as soaring yet heartbreaking as New York is enough to get me dizzy; include a female producer in that who can really push Taylor and we have the potential for a career peak album.
  19. SOPHIE
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  20. Hana would probably be a good fit for her as well.
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