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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. No Reputation was released on Big Machine. Lover is her first album with Republic.
  2. I don't have a clue what's going on here but yes, drag him!
  3. This fake band/cover scheme is amazing. I have no choice but to buy it.

  4. Lover has yet to leave the top 40 of the Billboard 200 and in other news, the “Jack Leopard” version of Look What You Made Me Do has been rising on iTunes all day and is now in the top 30.
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  5. Swifties:

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  6. The cover is...brilliant? It's so different from the original version.
    Austin Swift new pop girl.
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  7. Wow I know times are tough but y’all must be really bored over there, huh?
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  8. Her first triple platinum single here in the U.K.!
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  9. [​IMG]
    No republicunts at my rescheduled Lover Fest 2021!
  10. K94


  11. l m a o this is the least surprising thing I've ever seen. Good riddance, Nicole! Take your shitty clickbait hot takes with you.
  12. Dairy Queen snapped!
  13. I have never even heard of that Nicole person. I consider that a win.
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  14. You're not missing...well I was gonna say much, but you're actually not missing anything at all
  15. Come on Taylor. Get angry and push through.

    For non-Black PJers, if you want to put your money where your posts are: Donate to the Minnesota Bail Relief Fund: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate

    No (pop)justice, no peace!
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  16. “I was in row 4 of your concert”

    If you’d have spent more for row one she’d have heard you scream! Taylor doesn’t care!
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  17. Unrelated but I can't believe she complained so they changed the thumb from this


    to the one above. Queen!
  18. "Tay Tay" is now trending on Twitter. And there are some random verified accounts telling her to shut up, but it's mostly positive thankfully.
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