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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Rem


    Apparently Ariana just unfollowed her ddd?
  2. dd this is easily one of my most loathed GP popstar nicknames. It sounds so dismissive.
  3. dd same. It made it worse watching Miss Americana and when Marsha Blackburn won the midterm election, they played a clip from John Oliver saying "Looks like Tay Tay didn't have much sway sway".
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  4. I saw some stans saying that, but I feel like it’s probably just a rumor.
  5. Yas legend invalidate this gif!!


    Comrade Swift took it to Capitol Hill while still exercising proper social distancing!
  6. According to Twitter, Ariana's been on an unfollowing spree, so it's not just Taylor. She even unfollowed Hannah Lux Davis ddd.
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  7. aux


    This is the most cursed GIF I've ever seen.


  8. He’s obsessed.
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  9. Could she run for President this year?
    2020 is a joke anyway and I feel like she’s the one who stands the biggest chance to beat Trump at the moment.
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  10. When is he going to learn that going 'told you so!' whenever Taylor speaks up isn't actually helping anybody, including her. She hasn't worked with or acknowledged him in over 2 years...he needs to get a job and stay away from her.
  11. Tell them!!!!
  12. Why must we have to continuously be terrorized by Joseph Kahn? Let’s pretend he doesn’t exist. Maybe he’ll go away.
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  13. I wasn't being serious, I was mocking Joseph.
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  14. Taylor, put the restraining order out now. It's getting....weird.
  15. My error.
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  16. This is a huge turning point. I stan hard.
  17. Taylor said fuck conservative white nationalist lives x
  18. You have to be at least 35 years old to run ddd.

    Anyway, yasss queen I love you!
  19. When will Demi Lovato?
  20. Let me go and actually purchase reputation and Lover now.
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