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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. I was listening to Lover the other day and I was amazed with Afteglow vocals, there's so much pretty tone and colour in her voice in that particular song.
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  2. When it came out I probably would have ranked Reputation over Lover but I've made an excellent album out of Lover which I still listen to a lot, whereas I use literally nothing from Reputation now.

  3. I’m trying to decide whether I love this or the album version more.
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  4. The album version is a 9.5 and the live version is an 11, hope that clears it up!
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  5. Cornelia Street (Live From the Grammys) is transcendent. Wow what a moment I will never forget. A moment most pleasing to me in her career.
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  7. Alright Taylor
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  8. She went the fuck IN. YES!
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  9. When she runs against Marsha Blackburn the next time her seat comes up for re-election and becomes the first woman to represent Tennessee in the Senate as a democrat...that will be history.
  10. Yes Taylor!!! This makes me happy.
  11. Tayliberal Allyson Swiftlydismantlingthe republicanparty for governor of Tennessee.
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  12. alright let me give Lover a few streams.
  13. Well shit. Leave no scalp un-torn, sis!
  14. I really do love how in the last few years she’s become more vocal on political and legislative issues and is using her platform to amplify the voices and stories of minority groups. Ugh, I knew becoming a Swiftie in 2020 was the right decision to make.
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  15. Damn, she went all in. I love her.
  16. This is so good. I am ready for her American Life.
  17. I'm drinking a soy latte
    I get a double shottay

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  18. Taylor using her platform like this is everything I hoped it would be. Her statements are so well worded and offer important calls to action rather than the generic “this is wrong I’m against it” etc
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