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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever was a lot bigger than people realize (it’s the 8th biggest hit of her entire career according to Billboard) but its Spotify stats relative to the rest of her catalogue is a little bit apples-to-oranges in that it was her only new song available on Spotify for a while. Had 1989 been on streaming from the jump, Shake It Off and Blank Space would probably have more streams than it.
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    Wasn't it also released when Zayn was at his commercial peak before he retreated to his warren of underground tunnels for eternity?
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Zayn had a commercial peak? I feel like the fact it was used for Fifty Shades was the bigger draw. It's a great duet though, one of Taylor's most underrated vocals.
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  4. Eh, Pillowtalk was like in January and this song was at the end of the year in December, he had definitely lost momentum by like...May.
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  5. I may be mistaken but didn't I Don't Wanna Live Forever come out when Taylor pulled everything from Spotify? She was also still somewhat comfortably in her imperial phase so I think it's been a combination of being a multi-format radio smash, a small drop during the Swift streaming drought and there actually still being a bit of hype behind 50 Shades.
  6. I Don't Wanna Live Forever was also blocked from #1 in a bunch of countries because of Shape of You, it was kind of massive. Even the low budget, let's rent a couple of hotel rooms and break some stuff video has nearly 700 million streams.

    1989 is about to pass 2 billion streams on Spotify in a few weeks, not to mention Shake It Off passing 450 million streams/Blank Space passing 400 million soon. I have no doubt it would be the most streamed album by a woman if it had been available during its run, instead of three years after.
  7. Loved her message, very well said.

    but this made me scream, really who cut the bangs
  8. Love crossovers between my faves!

    Although I would love a Cruel Summer from Kelly, I feel like she could really wail on it
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  9. You know who I would love a Cruel Summer performance from? Taylor.
  10. That vocal performance on I Need To Calm Down is fucking beyond. So casually cool in the name of being Kelly.
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  11. Can't wait to get one in 2021!
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  12. The acclaim! When this sneaks into Best Documentary at The Oscars because nothing else is getting released...
  13. Not You Need To Calm Down becoming a white mom pride anthem
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    I still find it really odd that there was no fifth single from Lover. I know it's 2020 and post-album singles are barely a thing anymore, not to mention The Man basically did nothing after it was released, but... it's still a Taylor Swift era. They couldn't have roped in another artist for a cute single remix? Or was that budget used up on the Shawn Mendes version of the title track (which I continue to pretend I do not see)?

    It just feels a little weird that the era seems to have been abandoned, rather than come to a natural close. Maybe the plan was to use tour footage for the fifth video, because we all know she loves herself a good tour video, but that obviously would've been pulled.

    Actually as I'm writing this, I'm remembering that the tour dates were pretty sparse because of her mother's health - I definitely don't want to speculate about that, but I guess that could've played a part as well.
  15. Yeah I think 2020 of all years would have been the perfect time to release Cruel Summer (around May would've been nice) - I can see the twitter headlines now 'Taylor releases perfect quarantine anthem etc', and it's not like there's been loads of competition in the charts either, it could've done well. But alas...
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  16. The Man flopping + the pandemic probably made them not bother. If she could properly film another video & use the Lover Fest shows as an excuse to do more promo, they probably would've went through with another single.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls something together for the VMAs but I think this era is over otherwise.
  17. Lover definitely wins for quality of an album most at odds with its singles. Cruel Summer and I Think He Knows are such obvious slam dunks with Cornelia Street and even Death By a Thousand Cuts being potential late campaign singles that would display her sharper songwriting overall. Instead of demonstrating the growth that is apparent on the album's highlights the single campaign just kind of feels like a dead end.
  18. It's going to be so, so disappointing if this era does indeed end with Cruel Summer being paid complete dust. I'm realizing more and more that it is honestly one of her best uptempo Pop songs ever. Hearing it in context with all of these other amazing songs in this playlist Pitchfork made:

    Also, Rolling Stone ranked it as her 3rd best song of all time. Storytelling lyrics, an extremely catchy melody, solid production, personality and emotion, etc. Whew.

    I'm sure the pandemic messed things up, and that's obviously something nobody could've planned for, but still :(
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  19. The thing is, Taylor is quite in touch with her fan base and she knows the thirst for Cruel Summer so I think there might still be some hope.
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