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Taylor Swift - Lover

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Honestly, I do wonder if they originally had a plan for Cruel Summer this summer that was botched by Corona. Album tracks that are pushed around the time of an album release don't often do well as singles unless they're the next one, about to be released. (Thinking back to 1989 where the songs promoted with the album release were Welcome To New York and Out of the Woods...Out of the Woods got a good bit of attention as a promo single around the time of the album release, and didn't do well as an actual single down the line). Maybe they figured if they didn't draw any attention to it or push it to people just yet, it would be fresh enough by the summer to give a strong campaign to.

    I'm also remembering when the fan met her at the Cats premiere and told her Cruel Summer needed to be a single, and she said "But don't I have to wait until the summer for that?"
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  2. The fact that I completely forgot this existed...love that for me.
  3. In this particular case that was probably because 1989 was already 6x platinum or so. Because she's an album seller, by the time she got around to a 6th single any song they picked was going to have a lower peak. However, radio being a bit cooler to it might've been because over-exposure was setting in.
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  4. Yeah, by the time Out of the Woods was released, she had 5 top 10 hits with 3 of them going #1. It's hard to sustain that kind of success at that point in an album campaign. They also quickly moved onto a half-hearted push of New Romantics with a tour video a month after it was released as a single.

    Whew, what an iconic era. Not everybody has that!
  5. Very true. And yeah, a song as stellar as New Romantics flopping just goes to show the success was already so drawn out (which is difficult to get not everybody has that) and the overexposure was real. But I guess I'm also thinking of The Man's underperformance... she kinda pushed it a bit around the album release to push the album, so I wonder if they just already juiced it a bit too much before releasing it as a single. Cruel Summer would have felt more like a moment than that since it hasn't been given any attention yet.
  6. The Man probably would have faired much better if it had been released in November. Lover was not some epic smash that radio just wouldn't let go of. By the time The Man's music video came out the album was half a year old. She'd been pushing the same single for 6 months. I think interest in anything from Lover was long fading by the time they got around to The Man.
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  7. Yeah, that's very true.

    While I am glad that Lover was a single and got critical acclaim (and I'm sure she's very proud of it, and was definitely milking it longer for the SOTY campaign), it's insane how much of a MESS the singles run was for this album.
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  8. https://ew.com/music/2019/04/26/best-taylor-swift-music-video-from-every-album/

    What kind of terrible list...?

    My picks would be

    Debut - Teardrops On My Guitar or Picture to Burn
    Fearless - You Belong With Me (they got that right)
    Speak Now - Mean
    Red - Begin Again or 22
    1989 - Blank Space (Thankfully they got this right too)
    reputation - Look What You Made Me Do (Same here)
    Lover - Lover. All of the videos have been fine this era but Lover actually really made me love the song more.
  9. An Out of the Woods/Getaway Car/Cruel Summer medley would easily correct this broken timeline. These A+ songs, the endorphins they explode in me each time, the emotional storytelling, the essential middle eights, her mind, her power. Whew!
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