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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. Slice of Life

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    Maybe too early? But anyway,

    From The Sun:
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  2. This reads like a The S*n journalist was given a task to get some fresh Tayhive retweets and conjured something up in a few minutes, but I'll take it.
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  3. Yeah definitely feels like a puff piece put out to help move the conversation on.

    But as time goes by and we’re still at a standstill with Speak Now and 1989 I do wonder if a new album next is becoming more likely.

    I think the problem with releasing a new album during the re-recordings is the risk of over saturation would be at an all time high.
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  4. Oh my The Sun as an information source!
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  5. Read that tweet while still half asleep and it had me thinking her next album was called "The Sun" for a second there dd

    Would be a pretty iconic title actually.
  6. Seems like an efficient way to stop the fans from focusing on the whole ecoterrorism issue.
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  7. Looking forward to her taking all of the justified draggings online about her huge carbon footprint and making the sequel no one wanted to reputation.
  8. Given we're only just approaching Lover's third anniversary and in that time we've had two more new studio albums, two re-recorded albums and a couple of one off releases, and there's still no sign of her fans getting bored...I wonder if over saturation will ever be an issue for Taylor.
  9. Scream!
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  10. Well she was supposedly filming a music video the other day so she must be further among the way? (Unless it was for one of the re-recordings).
  11. *Pointing at the hole in the o-zone layer*

    'Look What You Made Me Do'
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  12. She's about to drag the environment for filth on her next album.
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  13. I imagine if something is on the way, Taylor’s Version otherwise, she might wait a bit now until the controversy dies down.

    Not that she doesn’t deserve the dragging
  14. I never trust the Sun and this time is not a change... I still think we won't get TS10 until she is done with the re-recordings.
    I'll be happy to be proven wrong though
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    We will find out more in 39 minutes but is it weird that I'm stressed out if it's TS10 but we haven't gotten an announcement of the next re-recording yet ddd
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  17. I want to be excited but if its just another album with Aaron Dresner and Jack Antonoff, keep it.

    And yes, I know a lot of you want more of that and thats fine.
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  18. Her website has a clock with "Meet me at midnight", I know they're making a formal announcement then but I wonder if that's a lyric?

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