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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. Kind of hilarious how the Roosevelt remix of Anti-Hero left-swipes all of Jack’s schoolyard jingle bells to give Taylor her first taste of rhythm this side of reputation.
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  2. I’m personally a Kungs remix supremacy believer but the Roosevelt slaps too!

    I’m other news, I’ve deluded myself into thinking I’ll get into a show one way or another this summer and I’m still abusing the album everyday. It really does have a 1989 level grip on me in that I can bop both happily and sadly so my pea brain refuses to let it go. It’s been pouring rain where I’m at and it almost sounds better on dark days than it does at midnight.
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  3. I mean, yes ideally the world was a fairer place and billionaires didn't exist. But the reality is, you don't set out to become a CEO of a major corporation (which is what these megastar machines are) unless you are ruthlessly ambitious, coldly cutthroat and well, a bottomless pit of greed to put it plainly. They will always seek to maximize success and profit over any pr'd notion of fan-friendliness. Gaga started out saying she split The Fame and The Fame Monster because she didn't know if her fans could afford the double album and now she's peddling champagne and luxury watches. It's just human nature that once you taste wealth and power, nothing is ever enough.
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  4. Took me a minute to realise I’m too soft for it all but I get it now @Florencia.
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  5. Yessssssss, welcome to the right side!
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  6. Wait, this ILLENIUM Remix of Anti-Hero....I'm bopping.

    The verses are reminding me so much of this though
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  7. She’s at the AMAs!

    The hair is giving me Speak Now era and I love it
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  8. Nn the sword earrings giving Mean lyrics as well. Speak Now TV when?! Give us what we want demon!
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  9. I feel like it’s gonna drop on her birthday ??
  10. Or the 2nd of December? There was hint of it on the Bejeweled music video if I remember right
  11. Next album to be a disco album please.
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  12. Oh wow she looks like ''Speak Now''. That look is stunning.
  13. Damn her hair actually looks great!
  14. Why are her fashions always ROTTED fjdn
  15. nn I'm kind of here for the Speak Now via Disco via Mum's Xmas Night Out fantasy.
  16. Red winning Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Country Album...that's Mother!!
  17. Chasing two rabbits and WINNING them both this time around. Legendary behavior if you ask me
  18. And by the WAY…

    I’m going out tonight.

  19. I'm still waiting for an Initial Talk kind of remix for 'Anti-Hero'.
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