Taylor Swift - Midnights

::Hits Different plays in car::

Boyfriend sings under his breath: Oh My, love is a lie, chipmunk friends seem to get me by...
Me: ...what's that last line you just said?
B: Chipmunk friends seem to get me by...? I thought she lost her friends and only the wildlife was talking to her...Whatever, she's the one that sings about Starbucks lovers and traffic lights!

I think I can safely say “Snow on the Beach” has become the track of the album for me. Transcends. “Labyrinth” is a close second.

Snow On The Beach is gorgeous with that somehow simultaneously jerky and ethereal verse melody. The only thing I don't like about the song is the Janet lyric. It's clunky and takes me out of the song.
I really like “Lavender Haze,” but I don’t think it’s a smart single choice. It’s a vibe track. It’s still doing well because it’s the first song on the album.
It’s not going to be a smash but it’s a nice choice to hold us over until the next big single (hopefully Karma). I could see Lavender Haze having a lot of longevity similar to “Delicate” thanks to it being the first track and the GP seems to be eating it up as well.

I know she’s probably busy planning the tour and finishing Speak Now TV but I hope she gives us a TV performance or something soon.
I adore Lavender Haze, it feels like more of a fourth single but since she refused to release its spiritual predecessor I Think He Knows as a single I can appreciate her righting that wrong with this one.

Surely Karma will follow as third single, then maybe Snow on the Beach or Midnight Rain given the streaming numbers? You're On Your Own, Kid would also potentially work but may be a bit too cut from the same Bleachers cloth as Anti-hero.
I think suggesting Lavender Haze is only doing well because it’s track one is… misguided. It’s organically becoming a little hit already in its own right, and that’s without the playlist support of it being a single yet.

I don’t see a world where it *won’t* be a legitimate hit for her.
Lavender Haze is one of my favorites on the album but I do think Karma's hit potential is bigger. Hopefully they have plans to push it with a remix or something after Lavender Haze is done.