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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. We love to see it! I love that it’s such a great execution of a capital P Pop single that bops and still has striking lyrics that are personal and on brand for Taylor.
  2. The US Senate is currently having a hearing regarding the Ticketmaster fiasco. Swifties are too powerful I fear

  3. watching live now, not me agreeing with Marsha fucking Blackburn dragging them.

    I still think about this interview and it makes me absolutely seethe from his passive aggressive answers and coy smiles
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  4. Legendary at this point, her impact on the culture and it mainly being through lyrics, that’s my baby and I’m proud!
  5. I think Anti-Hero has easily become of her signature songs in the space of a few months, which is impressive. I think the other signature songs, and by this I mean Taylor songs that even the most local of locals would know, would be Shake It Off, Blank Space(??), Look What You Made Me Do, Love Story and maaaaaaybe 22.

  6. Get it on streaming now!
  7. I think also We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, Bad Blood and You Belong With Me are in
    That list.
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  8. ^Blank Space totally, 22 not really. I found a list of her most streamed songs ever the other day and cannot recall it 100% but think Black Space was #1 and Shake it Off #2.

    EDIT: This is the list:
    1 Black Space
    2 Love Story
    3 Shake it Off
    4 All Too Well
    5 Look what you made me do
    6 I Know you were trouble
    7 Me
    8 Lover
    9 You need to calm down
    10 You belong with me
    11 Wildest Dreams
    12 Delicate
    13 We are never ever...
    14 Cardigan
    15 Style
    16 Willow
    17 Anti Hero
    18 Exile
    19 Don't blame me
    20 August
    21 Cruel summer
    22 Ready for it
    23 The man
    24 22
    25 Enchanted
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  9. That’s a greatest hit right there.
  10. I do think 22 is known just for the chorus, I see it used often for birthday bullshit.
  11. That inescapable Coke commercial she did where she was reciting the lyrics like a soccer mom trying slam poetry forever ruined 22 for me nn
  12. Don't Blame Me making that top 20, when it's right it's right.
  13. I'm glad I have no idea what this is.
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  14. Yeah I've never seen it either!
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  15. -M-


  16. Compilation with several other ones I hadn't seen, and this isn't even all of them dd

    Also, re: the 22 Diet Coke ad, the How You Get the Girl 1989 era one outsold!
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  17. I feels sorry for everybody who decided to listen to ME! more than once.
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  18. ME is definitely the worst in the list.
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