Taylor Swift - Midnights

The video is such a mood, I absolutely love it. I’d much rather get videos like this than Joseph Kahn dog and pony show nonsense.

I will say that Blank Space and Look What You Made Me Do are probably still her best videos for me, the latter being one of my favorite videos of the decade, but yeah his style got overly self-indulgent fast. Ready For It was the biggest example of that.
There are some little clues like the star signs on the Mastermind record, the koi fish, etc, but I am so tired of the fandom's extreme reaches in trying to justify easter eggs. She really has created monsters.

14 weeks of Midnights being in the UK top 3 albums chart. Quite iconic!
Has she ever before?

Also, the video is lush, Laith is a dish, but it has never screamed single to me from the album, and I'm surprised to hear it was the original planned lead.

Bejeweled is still my favourite video of the era, so camp.
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That may have been the original plan, but the longevity of Anti-Hero has likely surprised her and team. Still in in top 10 after 3 months? In UK and US. Wow. I would put money on a 4th video before she moves on…
She looks really good in the new video, especially when she’s in the pool of Febreeze.

But yeah, bin the ugly 70s couch aesthetic for the next video, if there is one.