Taylor Swift - Midnights

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The emails were sent to people who received a Verified presale code AND a boost (either from Lover Fest or from her store for buying the album there) and tried to get presale tickets but were unsuccessful -- not necessarily just a boost only.

Still, I imagine there were more people in that camp than actual tickets left so I feel like they probably looked to see how often you go to shows/frequency of tickets you end up keeping vs. selling/if you'd seen her previously to make the determination of who would be contacted.

It's how I ended up getting tickets though I'm quite certain there were more than 1,000 people in the same boat as me for my show who weren't contacted.
So I ordered a couple shirts from her store that are scheduled to be delivered this coming Wednesday but...I got a UPS alert of a separate package from "UMG Commercial Services" scheduled for delivery tomorrow. It's slightly heavier in recorded weight from my shirt order and I have no other pending orders from her (or other UMG artists for that matter).

What is mother planning

manifesting Speak Now TV announcement package
And yeah, I agree that Taylor has improved visually and I do love the album cover, but I still find her visual taste to be lacking and pedestrian. I haven't watched the Lavender Haze video yet, but for Anti-Hero being such a major single for her, the video really should look better than it does. Her being giant in the video really doesn't do much to hide the "this will do?" quality of it all.
Her version of This Is What You Came For was also played on a Discord and people posted a low quality clip. I wouldn't expect any of those 3 songs to leak.
From Lana's insta:

The caption:
I would have sung the entire second verse if I had known, I was the only feature buttttt my production skills were on point and Chuck's photo skills are

Is she talking about Snow On The Beach dd?
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