Taylor Swift - Midnights

Her version of This Is What You Came For was also played on a Discord and people posted a low quality clip. I wouldn't expect any of those 3 songs to leak.
I need these to leak, they sound SO good.

The end of that clip of All of the Girls? A vocalist!

From Lana's insta:

The caption:
I would have sung the entire second verse if I had known, I was the only feature buttttt my production skills were on point and Chuck's photo skills are

Is she talking about Snow On The Beach dd?
So I ordered a couple shirts from her store that are scheduled to be delivered this coming Wednesday but...I got a UPS alert of a separate package from "UMG Commercial Services" scheduled for delivery tomorrow. It's slightly heavier in recorded weight from my shirt order and I have no other pending orders from her (or other UMG artists for that matter).

What is mother planning

manifesting Speak Now TV announcement package

Following up on this! even though no one asked! Finally received, after UPS incorrectly sorted it to Pennsylvania, delaying a few days.

It was the Christmas Tree Farm picture disc. I had asked my friend at Republic to get me one after it sold out in minutes back during the mid-November Holiday shop restock. Figured it was just never coming since it's been nearly 3 months, but better late than never! Christmas in February!
I’m wondering the same thing. I would assume the stadiums she has for the UK shows are essentially locked in now so where’s the tour announcement?
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I think at this rate it's definitely going to be 2024 (considering the football season in Europe...the times the stadiums would be free is when she's touring America), unfortunately. So I don't think there's much urgency for an announcement.
The South American dates are supposedly confirmed for October, November but those will also sell out in seconds so I don’t think she’s in a hurry (though them being leaked may indicate an announcement is coming sooner rather than later?).