Taylor Swift - Midnights

I completely forgot I did this until I was going through my photos. The results of my Midnights randomiser:

1. Mastermind
2. Anti-Hero
3. You're On Your Own, Kid
4. Labyrinth
5. Bejeweled
6. Bigger Than The Whole Sky
7. Dear Reader
8. Would've, Could've, Shoud've
9. Sweet Nothing
10. High Infidelity
11. Question...?
12. Snow On The Beach ft. Lana Del Rey
13. Maroon
14. Lavender Haze
15. Paris
16. Midnight Rain
17. Vigilante Shit
18. The Great War
19. Karma
20. Glitch
21. Hits Different (I haven't actually heard this)

Lavender Haze has really been hitting for me since the video, so if I did this again it probably would be higher. But on the whole this definitely reflects my true favourites, Mastermind is definitely not moving from top place.

Also I loved Phoebe's intro so much