Taylor Swift - Midnights

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I'm happy with Evermore being her sort of obscure/forgotton heavy winter album. I can see it having its moment in ten years or something with 'Tis the Damn Season becoming a Christmas classic following the release of a short film. Yeah... yeah...
evermore is her most languid album and feels like her most intimate as well. I think it's generally better written than folklore without the same breadth of dynamic production, and as a result it ends up feeling like a passion project where she could dive even further into the creative approach of folklore without the same weight of expectations that the former shouldered to shift her writing and sound away from the smorgasbord of Top 40/past glories that littered Lover.

I'd say I prefer folklore most days but damn if champagne problems isn't her best rainy day cut since Treacherous, and I think there's an argument for ivy-cowboy like me being her best back to back songs on any album. There's one hell of a discography top 10 between folklore/evermore alone.

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3 bonus tracks!


I’m soooo happy I didn’t preorder my CD yet!!
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