Taylor Swift - Midnights

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Hits Different sounds even better in full quality but the "Very First Night" melody of the verses always makes me go "..." a little.
From the screenshots I've seen on Twitter, the video looks to be pretty campy and mostly greenscreen/CGI-ed, so what she shot in London is more than likely for Speak Now TV (which I'm sure was obvious but yeah)

She's now performing Getaway Car with Jack as the first surprise song!
ETA: Maroon is the 2nd one.
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nn I loved that. Simple but campy, fun, and some great visuals. She looks gorgeous in those light bulb scenes, I love her hair like that.

After sitting with it for a day, the actual remix is definitely not as good as it could have been, but the video made me like it more. Something that could have really made it better was using the original instrumental for Ice's verse instead of taking down the energy. But I think they're a fun pair and the video was great!