Taylor Swift - Midnights

She’s back at Electric Lady today. It’s interesting that she recorded Midnights there for months without anyone noticing and now she’s photographed arriving there every week between tour dates. What’s she playing at?

I'm pretty sure she recorded Midnights in 2021, and things weren't 100% back to normal yet after Covid so it was a little easier for her to go under the radar. And since then, people have apparently forgotten how to act in public and think it's okay to camp outside her house and when she's at the studio:

Hits Different well my first thoughts were after the hype she’s a cute girl then on my 40th listen I need it to be the template for TS11 please!

It’s coming down is really missed from the Lana version so I’m conflicted.

I was very indifferent to the Ice Spice but yeah I’m fully on board now! Nonchalant Queen.