Taylor Swift - Midnights

The one thing about Hits Different that bugs me is that the "rip the bandaid off and skip town like an asshole outlaw" line is SO Jack coded dd, her delivery is so him. And I say that as a Jack/Bleachers fan. But the overall sound is refreshing and I love that it doesn't really sound like Aaron or Jack's other work with her.
Actually had this thought while listening yesterday
Yeah I can't see Midnights winning, and don't think it's really deserving to anyway like the 3 of hers that have. Anti-Hero deserves Pop Solo though!

In other news, Mr. S apparently said she filmed a video for Cruel Summer.
Echoing the sentiments of others, Midnights wasn't crucial or new ground for her artistically or musically, but I do think it was the perfect way of ushering her back into her big Pop sound while further cementing her legacy as an 'eras' artist. It did everything she'd done before while also building on stories she'd told previously in different ways. That's not to say that she didn't try anything new - lyrical themes like Anti-Hero, Midnight Rain, Would've Could've, Should've, and You're on Your Own, Kid feel like lived in classics while still expanding on familiar territory. It felt like the perfect conduit from her tight and neatly wrapped eras of the past into the broader world of the 'Eras' era itself. Like the SparkNotes version of everything that came before it. Touring an album about all the sleepless nights inspired by the material that came before it just makes sense and for me personally at least, keeps everything from feeling too overwhelming with the amount of material she's put out in the last 3 years alone. It's something that I think only an artist of her caliber and with as many years under her belt could pull off.

Above all else, it's just a fun album and I play it regularly still. I do hope that this is the start of moving away from working with Jack so heavily, though, since there's quite literally nothing left for them to do. She got the massive pop album she thought she'd get with Lover and blew every single expectation out of the water commercially, so hopefully moving forward, she'll be ready to begin another proper era that's not so tied into the rest of them. The sky's the limit for her artistically, right now.
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