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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. All the vinyl and CD variants now available for preorder at Target and Walmart too
  2. Fuck her. Ecoterrorism Queen is so annoying for this. "One week only!" "Two weeks only!" "Make a clock LOL!" "Now available at major retailers for cheaper, but let's scam all the fans on excess shipping costs through my webstore first!"

    Let me just cancel my stan-goggled, all-four-variants webstore pre-order and just buy one standard blue copy from Wal-Mart instead. All this mess before we even hear a second of music.
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  3. Walmart even has clean versions of the CD variants listed alongside the regular versions. A mess!
  4. Is the single incoming if we have iTunes?

    I think Target have the album flagged as pop as well. I wonder if it’s just a placeholder until they’re given a better idea of the specific genre?
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  5. Walmart won’t sell music unless it’s the “clean” version, or atleast that used to be how it was.
  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  7. All the Swifties complaining about her working with Jack again need to take a peek at his production credits.

    So many people get hung up on him just working with Lana and Lorde without realising how much he loves pop music -

  8. I don't disagree with you but this has been hardly exclusive to Taytay dd.
  9. Hopefully news on the lead single!

  10. Yes, I'm quite aware of this. The point I was trying to make is that having explicit and clean versions listed for each variant feels excessive when clean CDs already have a more limited appeal these days. I feel like the clean standard version would've sufficed for those looking for that. But they probably want to sell the variants in store.
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  11. LET'S GO!!!!!
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  12. Not disagreeing with your point but I wouldn’t include Blunt Force Trauma as an example of good pop music.
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  13. I waited too long for the clock to come to the UK store, it’s sold out on the US but I managed to get the CD one from the Canadian store.

    I know it’s such a gimmick but I really couldn’t resist. I’ve ordered the 4 CDs from the UK store even though I have a feeling she’s gonna end up signing some variants, just feels like they’re not all that limited.

  14. The scream I let out seeing the first song on the playlist...
  15. It does feel like the week for new music, with the album one month away. I wonder if she'll just announce a single tonight, or maybe she'll drop it at the same time...

    The variants... eh they don't bother me. So many artists do this. Beyonce released 4 CD+T-shirt boxes without the art or music being released, basically every new record from our favs has a store exclusive + an indie variant + Vinyl Me Please edition. I get being annoyed by it though, don't get me wrong. Sincerely hoping whatever song drops first makes me feel less insane for ordering the clock variants.
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  16. I can't believe how I went from ambivalent towards her to absolutely thirsting for any hint of new music from her in the span of like, two years. I hope a song is out tonight. I feel like this could cement my status as a certified Swiftie. (I refuse to join in on the Tay-Anon shenanigans though.)
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  17. Fuck ME! honestly.
  18. Between the iTunes pre-order and her making an announcement on TikTok tonight it definitely feels like something is coming this week - maybe a snippet of the lead tonight on TikTok so it can gain traction before being released on Friday?
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