Taylor Swift - Midnights

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Surely with this being TikTok and Spotify it must be related to first single and/or the music? I hope it is a tour though!
Between the iTunes pre-order and her making an announcement on TikTok tonight it definitely feels like something is coming this week - maybe a snippet of the lead tonight on TikTok so it can gain traction before being released on Friday?
To add to this, Lil Nas X just moved his single that was previously announced for Friday to Thursday morning…do I dare get my hopes up that she’s coming this week?
Already getting PTSD thinking of the lead single she was pushing last time she went against Lil Nas X

Track 12 is coming for Piste 5's wig!!!!

Edit: Tweet was deleted (don't know why) but it was about the track showing up "blue" on iTunes or something.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 163837.png
It would kind of be sickening if she used the opportunity for an album called Midnights to do a hidden first track on physicals. She's not opposed to keeping tracks exclusive/relegated unreleased until the physical release which she did with Folkmore (granted they were surprises so the circumstances were different). But 00:00 being midnight would make it exciting if everyone was confused on release day because the 00:00 mark on the physicals included a 'hidden' opening track ala Kylie's Password.

It probably won't happen but it's an interesting idea.
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