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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. The gag if she releases the whole album instrumentals first...
  2. Her and Bey both shifting from back to back album rollouts with no prior singles to more traditional but still mercifully tight album rollouts with one single doing the legwork… sounds like legend behaviour to me.
  3. Sam


    … why would she do that
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  4. If this is a tour announcement…..shaking.
  5. Surely with this being TikTok and Spotify it must be related to first single and/or the music? I hope it is a tour though!
  6. I'm betting it's an announcement that the lead is coming on Friday, with a snippet coming tonight.
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  7. Pink?
  8. To add to this, Lil Nas X just moved his single that was previously announced for Friday to Thursday morning…do I dare get my hopes up that she’s coming this week?
  9. Already getting PTSD thinking of the lead single she was pushing last time she went against Lil Nas X

  10. Lil Nas X really had all the stars aligned for him. Even down to a Taylor lead single being DOA.
  11. The way she could have released weeks ago and already would have had a multi-week #1 because of the historically weak chart points, but instead she allowed Harry to stay at the top and get one of the longest number 1's of all time.

    Again, JAIL.
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  12. Track 12 is coming for Piste 5's wig!!!!

    Edit: Tweet was deleted (don't know why) but it was about the track showing up "blue" on iTunes or something.

    Screenshot 2022-09-20 163837.png
  13. Releasing Track 12 (12 being midnight) on September 21th, exactly a month before the album, with a track release at midnight would be classic Taylor.
  14. Bullying works!
  15. It would kind of be sickening if she used the opportunity for an album called Midnights to do a hidden first track on physicals. She's not opposed to keeping tracks exclusive/relegated unreleased until the physical release which she did with Folkmore (granted they were surprises so the circumstances were different). But 00:00 being midnight would make it exciting if everyone was confused on release day because the 00:00 mark on the physicals included a 'hidden' opening track ala Kylie's Password.

    It probably won't happen but it's an interesting idea.

  16. Her styling this era is proof that
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  17. Hey kids, bullying is fun!
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  18. Watching a livestream of her speech, and she referenced ivy omg
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  19. Only revealing one track title she’s sick! Even if the public access television fantasy of it all did delight me in a way I can’t quite express.
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