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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. The things Taylor puts her stans through.
    You girls really do deserve the world.
  2. Dddd y’all stayed awake for that?

    Bless you, truly.
  3. Okay that TikTok is camp and genuinely more self aware than any of her attempts at humor on reputation or Lover. There's still a human being in there somewhere ddd
  4. I'm obsessed with this rollout.
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  5. The absurdity and unhinged nature of this has a slight Lynchian energy about it.
  6. "It's me. Hi." is my new favorite greeting line. Lemme start using it in my office e-mails.
  7. Lavender edition now available via Taylor's UK store: https://storeuk.taylorswift.com/
    Believe it's the same as Target's for anyone outside the US that wants it.
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  8. Kinda screaming at her saying that the vinyls can be turned into a clock to help you tell the time like a clock has any other main function nn
  9. The Twin Peaks vibes in that video are STRONG.
  10. "One day my log will have something to say about this" - Taylor when the album inevitably leaks
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  12. Basically a slightly more unhinged this, really:
  13. I need a single now but also really here for her blowing hot air and revealing nothing but crumbs for the next month while continuing to drain your savings with more viynl variants

  14. No new song name tonight. We're rly being starved.
  15. I hate myself for this but tomorrow is 9/22. 9+2+2 = 13
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. I guess it wouldn’t be mayhem if we knew exactly when it was coming?

  18. The real kii, for me at least, is that Taylor absolutely knows at this point that her fans are certifiably psychotic and are currently combing through recent pics of her so they can count each individual eyelash to see if they hold any clues to new music…she knows this. And yet she’s sitting here looking down on us thirsting for information like
  19. Aren't the Swifties getting a little old for the bulletin board and red string?
  20. Wait… so this isn’t even a nightly reveal?

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