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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. Well that was fun while it lasted.
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  2. Could just be her team trying to debunk it to keep it more or a surprise.
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  3. Or “we haven’t agreed on $$$ yet”
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  4. I thought the Halftime Show performer doesn’t get paid?
  5. I know why she’s got to do it, but it’s upsetting that she’ll inevitably play Shake It Off at Super Bowl.
  6. If there was ever a perfect time for her to do the Halftime Show, it would probably be now.
  7. The only thing is surely she wouldn’t perform anything she hasn’t recorded the Taylor’s Version for, I’m sure she is that petty.

    But if they tied it to 1989’s release it could work…

    Or they’ll just give us the scraps and she’ll just release the songs she performs.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I'm sure she can re-record anything she wants to perform.

    But she will probably wait until the re-recordings are out so she can freely pick her setlist.
  10. It’s a major bop so yes she will, let’s not act like it’s not a fun POP song please.
  11. Especially in a post-ME! world, I have made my peace with and accepted Shake It Off as the annoying-but-undeniable bop that it is.

  12. So she won’t do it till all the Taylor’s Versions are done. Guess that makes sense considering the SB boost in streams and sales.
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  13. I wanted this to be true so bad but I knew it would only happen after the re-records had to be done just so she could sing whatever she wanted. Especially because 1989 and Reputation have her big stadium songs. Unless she wanted to open the set with Me…that’s a nightmare right there.
  14. Smart move.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    As much as I'd love her to do the halftime show now, her discography catapults on the Billboard 200 every time she does so much as breathe so I get why she wants to wait until the Taylor's Versions are completed. She's going to be the only artist in history to place all of her albums in the Top 20 simultaneously I fear.
  16. At this rate she won't be doing the Super Bowl until she's almost 40, if we're dragging out the releases and filling space with new studio albums and world tours.
  17. Is it me or, without Taylor, are they running out names who could reliably command that stage?
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  18. Hopefully this motivates her to finish 1989 TV soon so we can finally get a version of Style with a double chorus at the end that takes us to the highest astral plane of consciousness.
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  19. She could do it in 2024 if she really wanted. There’s no need to wait for the entire re-recording process to be over when all she really needs is 1989 to be finished since the bulk of the setlist will likely be from that, Fearless, and Red plus a couple more recent songs anyway.
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