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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. The way Shake It Off is going to make that stadium quake. I’m ready.
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  2. I know it didn’t set the world on fire as a single, but Ready For It seems like a much better fit for a half time show than anything else on reputation. The “baby let the games begin” intro from tour would be incredible.
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  3. Or ME! 12 Minute Marching Band Version.
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  4. BTG


    Mean x 4.
  5. Ready For It
    Blank Space/You Belong With Me
    Style/Wildest Dreams
    I Knew You Were Trouble
    Look What You Made Me Do
    You Need to Calm Down/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    All Too Well
    Love Story (1989)
    Shake It Off

    is what I more or less imagine a Super Bowl show looking like if it were to have happened now. I don't think she'd do anything from Folklore/Evermore in a setting like that.
  6. RMK


    Yeah, she's not doing Folklore cuts at the Super Bowl. Like, that's def the time for her biggest and most anthemic hits to shine.
  7. I don't think there's any version of a Taylor Super Bowl show that does not include New Year's Day and Lover. The setlist for a Super Bowl would be all the glitter gel pen songs, and maybe a few sharpie-burn-book songs like Ready For It and Should've Said No.
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  8. Correct.
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  9. ….girl what? A song she performed on TV once that isn’t even a huge fan favorite among her lesser known tracks?
  10. What are we going to do when she brings out Ed Sheeran as her special guest?
  11. New Years Day is definitely a fan favourite.
  12. I love New Years Day dearly but there’s not a chance in hell it would make her Super Bowl setlist.
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  13. It’s like the second least streamed song on the album nn. I don’t dislike it, but respectfully there’s no way in hell it’s getting included in any hypothetical Super Bowl setlist.
  14. We’ll get something along the lines of
    Love Story
    You Belong With Me
    Sparks Fly
    We Are Never Getting Back Together
    I Knew You We’re Trouble
    Shake It Off
    Blank Space
    Bad Blood
    Look What You Made Me Do
    And something new

    Most of the slower stuff doesn't really work here. Which kinda disqualifies folklore and Evermore. I kinda feel like All Too Well wouldn’t be done justice with only 30 seconds to a minute. 3 songs from 1989 seems a lot but those are probably the only 3 likely.
  15. She'll do all her biggest hits & throw in 1 fan favorite. I think August is the obvious choice. That could be a huge moment.
  16. "Lover" will be there as the requisite ballad and the representative from that era. It's the most streamed song on the album and consistently the most streamed daily (literally more than the other three singles combined).
  17. Ready For It is pretty much a given, since it already has ties with Saturday Night Football and practically sounds like a hype song for large sports events. The Superbowl would be the one arena she'd be most focused on pandering to the broadest audience possible, so I feel like she'd probably throw the country audience a bone and play something from the debut. I can unfortunately definitely see her doing something like bringing out Tim McGraw for a Tim McGraw/Highway Don't Care duet. It would be an effective way of promoting the TS version of the debut at the very least nn.

    If she were to do one of her ballads I think Wildest Dreams would be the most likely, maybe the great mashup with Enchanted she did on the 1989 tour.
  18. Nn not 'slander.'
  19. The worst part being his tweets actually say he largely stands by his review / score of the album and is more-so upset with Consequence of Sound throwing him and other writers who they encouraged at the time under the bus (for which they've amended their new article with an apology to their original writers for) dddd.
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