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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. not the #TaylorHateTrain being exposed
  2. I think the reason she hasn’t done it before was because of the Pepsi sponsorship.

    That’s why, with Apple Music being the new sponsor, people immediately thought of Taylor as the next one.
  3. Midnights Mayhem don’t air on weekends??
  4. If she does one every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she’ll finish on Oct 19th, which is when the album will probably leak anyway ddd
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  5. Why does this read like the series is the only rollout she has for the album until it's out dddd
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  7. I really don’t care about all this. Just drop the single sistren.
  8. I'd be quite happy if we didn't hear a single note until release day. It's her 10th album. By this point, you're either on board or you aren't.
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  9. Same. And with this being her 6th album release in 3 years, im not in a rush to hear new music as much as im grateful that she has stuff coming as often as she does
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  10. Saw someone point out that Cyndi Lauper answers the phone upside down in the Girls Just Want to Have Fun video. That and the lyrics being 'the phone rings in the middle of the night' definitely could be related. Has she sampled the song for the lead single? Am I clowning?
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  11. Question…? is probably about late night “u up?” texts huh
  12. or she had 'Independent Women' stuck in her head

  13. Part two of this masterpiece I hope.
  14. Her complete upgrade in quality control with folklore and evermore, has me very much looking forward to this.

    I don't think anything will topple Renaissance, but I am very excited for a Taylor Autumn.

    Give us titles and nothing else before release date
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  15. I like the bracelet, it's totally right up my alley. And the backpack too, but I don't like the price

    The rest is.... I would burn it
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  16. [​IMG]

    I thought it was a weird kind of poppers first... I hate me.
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  17. Im sorry but that album cover photo still makes me laugh out loud, it really feel like a meme (maybe that little girl in front of the burning house one)
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  18. Her complete inability to be spontaneous and anything other than calculated is such a kii to me (in a good way). Rumor has it this album may be a little poppier than Folklore and Evermore? If so, sign me up.
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