Taylor Swift - Midnights

Actually shocked Taylor has never done it before! Looks like a huge omission. Sure she has to be the next big choice. Kelly could be great too, and please don't even dare comparing her to M5.

I think the reason she hasn’t done it before was because of the Pepsi sponsorship.

That’s why, with Apple Music being the new sponsor, people immediately thought of Taylor as the next one.
Saw someone point out that Cyndi Lauper answers the phone upside down in the Girls Just Want to Have Fun video. That and the lyrics being 'the phone rings in the middle of the night' definitely could be related. Has she sampled the song for the lead single? Am I clowning?
Her complete upgrade in quality control with folklore and evermore, has me very much looking forward to this.

I don't think anything will topple Renaissance, but I am very excited for a Taylor Autumn.

Give us titles and nothing else before release date
I like the bracelet, it's totally right up my alley. And the backpack too, but I don't like the price

The rest is.... I would burn it
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I thought it was a weird kind of poppers first... I hate me.