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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. $78 for a ringer tee? Keep it.
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  2. I do love how thought out she makes these little details, shame it will turn green.
  3. I’m usually a sucker for her merch drops, but I think I’ll pass on everything here. No justification for those prices either.
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  4. wtf is up with that ugly af brown/blue color scheme fkgjsfgsfd
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  5. I rather like the duffel bag? I also want that vinyl collectable case but I refuse to buy more than one variant for this.
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  6. MY EYES!!!!! They should fire the graphic design intern.
  7. Nn I don’t mind the graphic 70s look. It’s giving analog, produced-on-a-potato synths.
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  8. The dufflebag & backpack are cute but everything else…
  9. Imagine paying $80+ for a ringer shirt. Could never be me.
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  10. The water bottle being the same shade of brown as a shifty 1910s back alley apothecary pill bottle is killing me. It's so ugly
  11. I am manifesting folklore/evermore lyricism and storytelling with electric guitar led pop soundscapes.

    Style but make it analogue.
  12. I don't mind it, but it is giving me "Done better by Aly & AJ" vibes.
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  13. These merch prices. She does know we have record inflation right?
  14. Had a local give me a heart attack today by asking if I had heard that new single from Taylor's new album.

    They were talking about "Don't Blame Me".

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  15. Ffff please tell me you told them it's from 2017.
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  16. So it seems the "episodes" will be Monday - Wednesday - Friday?

    Today was Track 6, called Midnight Rain .

    Seeing the track list including capital letters once again makes me happy, the only thing I disliked of the folklore/evermore eras were the lack of capital letters in the titles nn
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  17. Track 6 is titled Midnight Rain.
  18. With the slow reveal for titles only, looks like we are not gonna get a single til album release day.
  19. Midnight Rain is serving me mid-priced candle from TK Maxx.
  20. Midnight Rain ? Maybe an umbrella will later pop up in the official store ! lol
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