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Taylor Swift - Midnights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Aug 3, 2022.

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  2. I could see the last song revealed (by chance!!) also being the first single and Taylor saying: Out now.
  3. pdf


    all these episodes are painful
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  4. Not the good sis really having seen the rigging allegations and only left 10 balls in the roller and actually showing the number here. The progress.
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  5. What about the 3 bonus track of the Target/International edition ? They don't seem in the balls
  6. They aren't. 2 of them are remixes/demos, so no need to include them.
    They won't be revealed that way.
  7. These videos...
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  8. I can't believe people don't find them funny with that vacation area JRPG music and the 70s ass conversation pit aesthetic. This is the most I've vibed with her styling since Red.
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  9. My new single Out now is my first single is out now.
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  10. This Dolby Atmos stem edit clip of cardigan is starting to become a viral sound on TikTok (I scrolled though a lot of the popular TikToks using it and they’re all so depressing though dd)

  11. This is so funny.
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  12. “Hit by a car in a comedic way”

    This is how I want to go out.
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  13. Picturing this.
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  15. Red (also a track 2) ha little sister is coming
  16. And she is wearing the Red ring, she is such a troll
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  17. The way she gives the easter egg detective Swifties on TikTok a morsel like this so they can continue with their ridiculous theories....I hate her
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  18. They’re so public access television in the best of ways.
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  19. Does anyone actually enjoy this clownery and hinting that some artists do with tracklist reveals

    Just post it sis ddd it's not like the album needs promo
  20. I always enjoy clownery when it’s at least a little tongue in cheek.
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