Taylor Swift - Midnights

Oh the filtered chorus of Midnight Rain is terrible. That's the first record scratch moment of the album musically-wise.

I'm not listening to the lyrics.
Just finished my first listen.

Vigilante Shit is like a watered down Look What You Made Me Do. She really tried to make a Billie track but at least she's not whispering like her.

It's not good.
I only really skipped around to listen to some of every song (going to try and wait until Friday for a full listen) but I'm absolutely in love with this album so far. It's definitely more reputation than Lover, but still I think it's different from both of them. It has such a mature, big city, nighttime feel...if she was going to go back to Pop, this is exactly what I want.
My favourite one is Midnight Rain. That vocal effect is everything. I'm living for it.

The least favourite is Vigilante Shit. This is the only track I could call a dud.