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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I asked a mod if we could have a separate thread for this and they said yes so any mod that tries to lock this thread or merge it with the general thread is homophobic. So, with that being said Taylor is making an announcement on GMA tomorrow that is all but confirmed by insiders (and Shazam) to be the re-recording of Love Story. These same insiders have hinted that this is just the first of many Taylor related surprises coming soon, which are unrelated to evermore, so I think that justifies a new thread.

  2. 3 threads in a year hmmm I can't think of anyone else doing it like her!
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  3. Also if we don't get a long pond sessions for evermore..........
  4. Is every track going to be marked (Taylor’s Version)?

  5. Swiffers Twitter has been going insane about the "4 stages" tweet over the past hour. I still don't fully trust that account even they got several things right before (mostly about the chapters), but JESUS sis ain't gonna let us breathe!
  6. Just 12 months ago we were stuck in the Lover thread and The Man music video hadn't even been released yet.
  7. Tim McGraw (Taylor's Version) by Taylor Swift from the album Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version)

  8. Yes and she's also going to retroactively title all of the old versions (Scooter Braun-Laden's Version).
  9. Stage 3: woodvale era
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  10. I have been a woodvale truther since the day evermore was released and I will not give up. There were three candles!!! Three cardigans!!! She has three cats!!!
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Anyways... I'm super excited for this. I just want to listen to a version of Self-Titled with decent vocals fffffff
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  12. Me counting the ‘Taylor’s on Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift on Taylor Swift (2021).

  13. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Replying to this here so we can kick this thread off with a good old fashioned messy debate:

    I don’t know, I know it’s a reference to being the ones SHE owns but it also makes it sound like the previous ones weren’t hers when...her entire career is built around her being this prodigious singer-songwriter who wrote entire masterpiece albums by herself at a young age. It’s really just semantics, I suppose, but I’d prefer a different qualifier that doesn’t imply these are the real versions, as if the others are less because of Scooter, et al.
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  14. I'm excited to hear the debut tracks with better vocals, but I always liked Love Story well enough as it is, and I was more interested in getting the 1989 version.

    Most of the debut was written with Liz Rose and about half of Fearless with her. Speak Now is her only album she had no co-writers.
  15. I think everyone knows that Taylor writes her own songs (with others in some capacity most of the time, but still). I don’t think a tag on the re-recordings is going to change people’s perception of her entire career. Especially when she’s made a big fuss about why she’s re-recording them in the first place.
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  16. I can’t wait to listen to Taylor’s first album for the first time.
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  17. I wonder who produced the re-recording. It would be cute and make sense if she got its original producer, Nathan Chapman to re-record it, but I would like to see Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff's interpretations of some of these old Taylor songs. Forever and Always would be amazing with Jack production and White Horse would be gorgeous with some Dessner touches. The ultimate kii though would be if "Taylor's Version" meant Taylor produced all of it herself. The Tracy Flick of pop truly never sleeps!
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  18. I forgot where I read it, but there's a rumor that she did work with the same people she worked with on the originals. That video from her AMAs acceptance speech, she was at Conway Studios, where she recorded with Max for 1989.

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  19. Taylor’s last two tweets each ended with two yellow heart emojis, and now with GMA tweeting it I’m assuming it’s supposed to represent Fearless since it was her second album and the cover is yellow/gold? I wonder if the full album isn’t far behind Love Story then..
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