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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. For some weird reason she tweeted, and then several hours later deleted this about the signed Fearless CDs

  2. I just gave this a listen without looking at the video, and I was honestly having trouble telling which version they were playing at a few moments. I'm really impressed with how close they got with the new version.

    It's fun hearing these re-done because after listening to the original versions so many times over the years, my ears have gotten so used to knowing exactly how they sound...I can listen in the background on a low volume and subconsciously know each part well enough to make up for not actually listening to them as closely as I did when they were knew. Hearing new versions that are almost exactly the same but with some slight differences makes you listen more closely; it isn't what your brain knows backwards/forwards and is used to. It's almost like falling in love with the songs all over again in a way. (On the flip side, there are some where I'm sure it's a little jarring at first not hearing it sound exactly how you're used to, there were definitely a couple of Fearless songs like that for me, but once you get used to the differences they're great).
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  3. I honestly kind of forgot how popular Wildest Dreams was back in the day. So many of my friends have been playing the new version due to the increased attention it’s getting for the re-records and of course it blowing up on tiktok adds to that. I’ve always adored it because I loved Lana back then too, and I loved that it gave Born to Die/Paradise sonically but with Taylor’s bulletproof songwriting and more structured approach. It really is such a dreamy, lustful, magical behemoth of a pop song.

    I agree with what others have said about her vocals in this new version - she sounds great but there’s an urgency and breathlessness to the original that she replicates fine on the surface level, but it doesn’t hit quite the same when I sit with it. It doesn’t really make my heart race like the original does. However, I’ll always prefer the original versions of anything on 1989 because of the life lived and memories I have associated with them. Productions wise it’s pretty much an exact match which is really impressive. I hope they’ll include the horse girl version on 1989 TV release as a bonus track or something, if she actually ends up releasing it. Like a few others, I think she’s trying to work out a deal so she doesn’t have to re-record the whole album so we shall see, I guess.

    Anyway. I hope the signed TV Fearless CD’s being $19.89 is just her fucking with people, honestly. I’m beyond excited for Red TV but all of the easter eggs and hints and spectacle surrounding these re-records literally makes my anxiety worse, as stupid as that probably sounds. I still don’t really get why she dropped Wildest Dreams out of nowhere after it was featured in that horse movie trailer months ago with no follow up, so I wonder if there’s some chaos happening behind the scenes or something. I’d genuinely kill to be a fly on the wall during the conversations surrounding all of this.
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  4. Pen machine broke
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  5. Okay let’s just chuck the whole thing out now, come on!! Can’t line Scoot’s pockets anymore!!
  6. Her entire catalogue has been surging on Spotify since the release of Wildest Dreams, she’s back to being the most streamed female artist by daily streams and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is back above 2M daily streams and evermore having its biggest streaming day in months as well.

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  7. I don't really understand the way artists/writers get paid but imagine if she got a cent per album stream, that's like almost a quarter million $$ in a day.
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  8. I know we say it all the time, but she really is unstoppable. The amount of power she holds and the way she randomly throws a re-recorded version of a 7 year old song out and still out-streams and out-charts everyone else is...insane. Especially considering she already did it earlier this year with a 13 year old album. I was wondering if further re-records would hold the same weight and I know it's just one song but people are clearly still interested. There's really no one competing with her other than herself, at this point (which makes a lot of her tactics so much more irritating, in my opinion. But it's all apart of her brand at this point I guess). She probably doesn't ever have to do traditional promo again if she doesn't want to. She proved - to herself, more than anyone I think - with Folklore that she can just drop something out of the blue and still pull off insane numbers the way she was years prior during her imperial phase. Though I don't think she ever really left that phase, despite her framing it as such. She's always done massive numbers and she has a big enough fan base locked in to guarantee that she always will.
  9. Probably reading too much but... A Shania Twain feature in 1989 maybe?

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  10. Reading too much? In the Taylor thread? There’s 100% a Shania collab in the works, and I’m so here for it.
  11. I'm not sure I'd want a collab with Shania's current er-- vocals nn.
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  12. Educate yourself!
  13. Shania's vocals have improved immensely since Now. Obviously they're still different, but I also know she's been working on them even harder while she's worked on new music. I love the Orville Peck duet and I'm confident Shania and Taylor could create something that showcases their current strengths.
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  14. I feel like I'd want Shania on a Speak Now vault track rather than 1989.
  15. Same, and I think it could be on that album since Speak Now has a bit of a pop rock sound, kinda like some songs on Come On Over along with the songs on the red Up! disc.
    A collab on 1989 would be great too though. I'm really excited about this in general. I've been wanting a collab from them pretty much since Taylor started releasing music (it was before I knew about what Shania was going through.) Now that she's making music again, I feel like a collab just makes sense.
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  16. I agree but it’s not like we’ll be hearing her vocals anyway.

  18. Awhile back, this YouTuber made an unofficial studio mix of the live Better Man that I loved. Came across these just now. Wildest Dreams is the original vocal track fyi since it’s from months ago

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  19. I've always been a sucker for the middle eight:

    You'll see me in hindsight
    Tangled up with you all night
    Burnin' it down
    Someday when you leave me
    I bet these memories
    Follow you around

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