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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. It’s likely Adele will be the 19th then.
  2. Adele letting her know she should move her date to avoid getting trounced and now we get the music earlier, love that for me.
  3. With how long we’ve waited for the Fearless vinyl this is some great news! If only Adele could have freed up a colour pressing as well!
  4. So we’re gonna get 9 new RED era tracks PLUS an Adele album allegedly within a week of each other?!

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  5. I was so distracted by the change of date that I had not paid attention to the emojis. The two random film cameras.... Has she shot 2 videos? Is she releasing Begin Again first?
  6. This almost makes the news of her being a bridesmaid at L*n* D*nh*m's wedding more palatable
  7. [​IMG]
    Taylor cozying up to Adele to get the tea on her release dates and avoid getting blocked...chess not checkers, ladies.
  8. Please delete this. My extremely reliable sources confirmed that was a Taylor Swift impersonator. This is slander and there will be consequences.
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  9. @Andy French keeping tabs on Taylor Swift for his only negative posts on the forum is the sort of random branding I must respect even if it negatively impacts my own.
  10. And in the end I still will usually end up streaming if not purchasing something from her releases so Nils Sjoberg ultimately wins anyway. I love to hate and hate to love her nn
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  11. These re-releases feel... a little more chaotic than they need to be? The vinyl delays for Fearless, the premature Red announcement, the changing release dates, the 1989 surprise track drop...

    I mean it's nothing compared to most girls actual campaigns but anytime Taylor's roll-outs don't feel meticulous and planned down to the letter I feel disturbances in the force.
  12. I've stopped trying to understand what is she doing with the "eras" and just take them as "Taylor's Version era" and take whatever she is releasing whenever it's happening
  13. Her wording kind of sounds to me like it's out of her control? But then again, is anything really out of Taylor's control? I'm stoked, don't get me wrong, but this all has been a bit of stressful and disorganized mess and I don't see the logic or larger plan to what they're doing with these re-releases. I've had to stop trying to keep up because it genuinely makes me anxious. Her eras and releases have always been ironclad and meticulously planned Lover aside, for several reasons so the handling of this is especially odd to me. I'm going to assume that it's because there have been road blocks in the process that make it difficult to pull off. Either way, I kind of hope she scales back on the Easter eggs and scavenger hunts because we're only two albums in and it's already exhausting and overwhelming.
  14. I'm manifesting an All Too Well 10 minutes short film music video.
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  15. Tell me Adele’s releasing without telling me Adele’s releasing.
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  16. Am I being slow? What does the 13th have to do with it being released on the 12th?
  17. 13 is just her favorite/lucky number in general
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  18. I know but it just seems weird to mention it in the next sentence. I always think there’s more to it when she says stuff like that.
  19. It means she’s going to jump ahead and release her 13th album at the stroke of midnight. These Easter eggs, I tell you.
  20. I think because it's out on the 12th, people will be able to listen to it on the 13th, which they couldn't have done if it weren't out till the 19th.
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