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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I was thinking something more along the lines of 1989 dropping on the 13th as a surprise.
  2. Nn I wouldn't get your hopes up. I'm pretty sure she's just saying "now that it's out on the 12th we can all listen together on the 13th!" because it sounds better than "I'm moving my release date so Adele doesn't block me from #1!"
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  3. Her releasing 22 (Taylor's Version) on my 22nd birthday is just a bitsy iconic.
  4. It's just a way for her to bullshit that it's a ~surprise gift for the fans~ because her favorite number is 13 and not the actual reason (Adele is releasing the next week and she doesn't want to lose the #1).
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  5. Ok the video camera emojis though...
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  6. I don’t know about the US, but there’s no way she’s going to get the U.K. no 1 with Abba releasing the week before and Ed the week before that. Fearless sold 21k first week in the U.K., Red will probably do a bit more because of vinyl sales, but she’s still not going to be able to compete.
  7. She probably doesn't want to lose her #1 albums streak in the US. The debut was the only that didn't debut at #1, right?
    And in the UK, I guess she was not going to get it anyways with ABBA, We and most likely Adele releasing in the same month
  8. Boy, we're going to look like fools if Adele doesn't release on the 19th.
    ABBA will be lucky to hit #1 for even one week here, I think. (The Mamma Mia! soundtracks hit #1 and #4, but Gold's peak to date is only #25.) Ed will be more of a threat, but if there's anyone other than Adele who can knock him to #2 - particularly in his third week - it's Taylor.

    (Edited because apparently I can't tell the difference between "weekly charts" and "year-end charts" on Wikipedia pages.)
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  9. She definitely cares a lot more about the US #1 than the UK #1, Ed's third week and Abba's second week are no threat to her in the US - whereas if she kept the current date she'd definitely get blocked in both by Adele (assuming that's the reason for the move). Red (Taylor's Version) would be her 10th consecutive #1 debut in the US, which will extend her record for most #1 debuts by a female artist and break her tie with Madonna for second-most #1 albums by a female artist (only Barbra has more).
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  10. Why did she announce Red so long ago.

  11. I don’t know why but I’m screaming at this

    She’s being roasted in the replies because nobody knows it’s a lyric, but the people who do:

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  12. Of course she’s a Lover fan.

  13. 1989 passing 3 billion streams without even having been on Spotify for its first 3 years of release…that’s power.
  14. The way it likely would have been the most streamed album ever by a woman if it had been on streaming services during its run...sometimes she truly pisses me off.

    Also she just passed her last year streaming numbers (when she was the most streamed woman of the year), and will likely break the record for women (currently held by Billie) for most streams in a year.
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  15. I swear she single handedly keeps these pop girl data Twitter accounts in business with her incessant milestones and records broken.
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  16. Speak of the devil

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